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This is why for my tour to DC I hired a personal assistant
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Every email was answered within minutes, screening was done and reschedules accommodated instantaneously.  As result, great time was had by all :)

Now I won't travel without her help anywhere!


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What is with providers lately no one gets back with you
I contacted 4 providers and only one got back with me to let me know
she got the message but it was a day later.
Any way are there any providers on here that are in Crystal City
this eve ?

don't work on weekends as they have life and families too. Some do work weekends if it the appointment is booked in advance. If you must hobby on weekends, try booking something in advance.

The operative word is GOOD PROVIDER here. If you are looking for something to take care of the itch, you can find girls on Backpage literally 24/7.

especially if you are contacting traveling ladies.

So without knowing what exactly you say in your emails it is hard to tell why they are not getting back to you.


I almost never have time to return a call for a same-day request, and I will never accommodate a same-day request, regardless.  Better to plan ahead for a quality meeting.  ;)

I always respond to messages that are polite, specific, and include all relevant screening info.

This means, include:

-where you found her ad.
-when you would like to meet.
-for how long.
-verification membership (i.e. - here's my Date-Check, P411, RS2K information) or screening info (I work in the bio-tech industry. If you respond, I'll be happy to send information for occ. verification. You can also contact Lola Hot Stuff and Jemini Jools - links here - as references).
- your contact info (cell number - don't call me or text between y & z).
- a bit of extra info about you.

If she doesn't respond in 30 min - 1 hr, call or text her and say you sent an email and would like to meet up that night.

I had a gentleman tell me this the other day - he'd emailed SIX ladies and only myself and one other got back to them - I can't understand this either!! The only reason I would ever ignore an email or delay a response would be if it was incredibly crude or otherwise offensive. I can definitely understand a woman having family commitments and such, but honestly I think if a lady makes a habit in general out of not responding to emails, it probably says a lot about her business commitment as a whole!

I am visiting DC in a few weeks, and I refuse to go to bed tonight until I've replied to all the emails I received this evening!! To those that genuinely do enjoy this business, emails are a necessary chore that can lead to some great dates with wonderful men!

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That is why visiting providers come to our region and do very well. Many new providers get broken into the business in our area on a regular basis.

Every email was answered within minutes, screening was done and reschedules accommodated instantaneously.  As result, great time was had by all :)

Now I won't travel without her help anywhere!


I've had a few Indies that don't respond until a few days later, and that really screws up my schedule. Some, it takes them half a day to to even write back a for a simple reply. I really don't have the luxury to wait, because many things can occur within that time. This is why I prefer agencies. They screen and reply within an appropriate time. Most of the times, they'll reply within a minute by email.

Anyhow, I am sure the clients benefit from your business practice. Some Indies need to reflect on this.

So I am not sure what the deal is with 3-4 day response delay.

The only times I would not respond is when I am on extended engagement and for those situations there is such thing as Auto Responder.

Takes less than a minute to turn it on.

I guess years of corporate experience where responding to email right away meant the ball is in someone else's court has its advantages lol


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Most indies need to know that either they are all in it or nada. No wonder they end up saving nothing...

Booking on weekends is done with difficulty, in my experience. As Mac said agencies may be your best bet.

Not always sweetheart!! I check my messages/e mails at least every hour! but I like to stay "On Top Of It" :) Weekends are my favorite!!



most of the emails I sent were via p411 or ter as instructed on the profiles. Yet of the 6 only 2 relied and they were days later!

Some providers probably choose to not check their email on their off days. Not many people like to work on their day off lol. It may be what you've experienced. I find that many clients do not check my schedule before contacting me. That alone would probably circumvent much disappointment. But personally i try to check my emails as often as i can, even on my off days.

This is why I don't have an phone or email address on my website.

You simply fill in the booking form; it gives me all the information I need to check my schedule, screen & set it up. If am not available, I can quickly shoot an email from my phone saying so. If I am available, then I call you once the screening is complete. Using this method is SO much more efficient!

As for the OP, many ladies don't do same-day requests which is why you may have not heard from them. Or, maybe you failed to adhere to their booking method whatever that may be.

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