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Re: depends what you're looking for!!!
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I'm looking sooooo forward to meeting you one day.... soon!

Been watching tv, and saw The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt, which got me to thinking, with the economy taking a lot of our extra cash away, have folks gone the MP route?  

I wondered what it would be like, but am not sure how to approach it.  I would not want any problems with getting a happy ending, but would not want to get there with expectations, of a release and only get a massage.

Can anyone suggest a place for a first time massage parlor experience, or do I just save my bucks for the full monty experience that I have enjoyed from time to time.

Thanks in advance.

if you want a real massage and a happy ending, call me!!!



OR  Massage Candle whit Pheromones!


I'm looking sooooo forward to meeting you one day.... soon!

for the info, I'm not sure about the MP thing, seems so hit or miss. Nikoletta, I have been checking out your page, and definitely want to make your acquaintance one day, I just have to plan more so now than I used to....and it sucks.

Can't wait for the economy to rebound, so that my playing can too...

I hope I don't offend anyone, but I've found amps in dmv pathetic compared to other parts like west coast or nyc.
Most of the shops won't even offer fs or bj, but you'd be lucky to get a lame hj from old ladies and I'm not talking about milfs! I came from west coast where hot young asians that are easily 8-9 gives you fs all the time! It was pretty disappointing to be in dmv..

I heard it used to be good but they got busted to death.  Also, with amps, you'd never know when LE would bust down the door, so I'm always nervious. I only know one place in Towson that does fs but providers weren't up to my standard (7-10)

Edit: I'm only talking about amp houses and NOT indy/fs massage providers!

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The quality AMP experience left the DC area several years ago. Used to be literally dozens of places in DC/MD/VA where you could go get a line up, pick your girl, and get just about everything you got from an escort for about half the price.

There used to be a place on NY Ave in DC that would have 5-8 women to pick from every time I went. Almost always young, hot, and willing. I cant tell you how many times I got full service (BBBJ, DATY, DFK, etc) for $60 house fee and a $100 tip.

I'm pretty sure most are gone now but if there are any good ones still around, I would love to get the 411!

PM me and I will give you details. They are very under the radar and in a quiet office townhouse type complex.

You can get a hand job at most AMP. I guess you know it's called a happy ending. In terms of procedure for you, you must verify this before paying. When the girl walks you back to the room, in private, Ask if you're in the right place while you rub your parts. Say "I need this massaged-okay?" if need be. They will only say "Come in , come on." They may ask "will you take care of me." "Yes, yes of course I will," say you. Tip at the end, I give 10 to 30 bucks extra depending on how motivated she is, etc. Usually, I start face down, about halfway through ask to turn over. Guide her hands if necessary to start, then the magic happens. Hope this helps.

i used to visit amps all the time.  I dont think folks know how many r still running operations these days.  The ny ave amp is one of the oldest ones.  Its been around for years.  It might still be there but i am not sure.  But yes he glory days have long passed for us amp mongers.  Best value for the buck. Man if i could tell some of the stories i have from amps....

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