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How about this answer
JessieYumYum See my TER Reviews 697 reads

I have my first new gallery up from my shoot on Monday.

That's not an answer at all.  Just an advertisement to get you to look at some flesh :)


Jessie Yum Yum announced that reviews could again be posted about her beginning February this year.  So far only one person has posted a review and that was in February.  Anyone know why no one else has posted?

there seemed to be an "unwritten" rule that you didn't do reviews on her.........EVER!

Now I havent seen her in years so I don't know what the deal is now.

I've known jessie for years. I've not booked a session with her for quite a while , but I know she is still available and she is one lady I would have no worries about.

Instead you took an opportunity for some White Knightery.

Things havent changed much have they?

I have my first new gallery up from my shoot on Monday.

That's not an answer at all.  Just an advertisement to get you to look at some flesh :)


The man asked a question. I tried to answer it. End of story.

Same old BT....can't resist the opportunity to attack.  

I gave an honest response. I've known Jessie a long time. I know her from other boards  where she remains active but you are no longer welcomed. Banned , in fact.  The pics on her site are candid and current. Pretty sure she is the same Jessie that has always been the recipient of great reviews.  

No White Knightery here. Just trying to help a gent with his question. You can respond to this if you must. But I shall not continue the thread. Just don't care to get sucked into you game of flames. The boards are pretty civil these days and I prefer it that way.

but I'm pretty sure his question was WHY ARE THERE NO REVIEWS? Did you weigh in on that.........NO!

In my case I still see her as frequently as possible. She has been a fabulously fun companion and her therapeutic and nuru massage skills can't be beat. Best thing to ever happen to me in this biz.

I would guess that she is kept busy by long term repeat clients. In my case I wouldn't want to update my review because it is a memory of a delightful first encounter.

She does things her own way and does not quite fit the mold of other folks in the biz. That's a good thing. Jessie has been great for me. Don't overanalyze.

Honestly, I have no idea why she doesn't have a bunch of new reviews, i personally think shes great. Maybe she doesn't have a new clients that are trying to build their posting profiles.  

IMHO Jessie has been so close to being UTR for so long she probably has a long list of repeats who think of her as being well understood and sufficiently documented that most of her current clients wouldn't post a review, despite her pulic request.  At times she's hard enough to schedule, why brag about my best secret and prevent myself from rebooking her as soon as I want to.

I had seen Jessie a few times when she suggested writing the review I posted.   About a year later, after she completed her CMT training I reported it.

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