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Is this normal?
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So I found a real promising provider from
Tysons area here at ter.. She's suppose to be new and has only 1 review.
I figure it might be good enough and call the number.. This guy answers and says I cannot book in advance, but I must call him on the morning of the date I want and he'd screen me.  So I guess he never makes reservation in future dates for new clients. Kinda weird, but then I'm pretty new at this. Is this normal?

PM me if you wish to know the provider!

Some agencies are like that, they won't book later appointments if it's past a certain allocated time. Sometimes she may be booked, so, you would have to call them the following day.

From my experience, some agencies are like that, and only book for that particular day.

If she is an independent, and a guy picks up, then I have my suspicion.

So I took the plunge. It was legit and I got a good time with Phoenix. He also does booking for AlluringAlanya. Phoenix is listed as an indy.. ****removed by admin***.  May be she outsources screening lol.

Perhaps it's a screening service? He seems to do scheduling for another provider.. I might just TOFTT...

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