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I agree, To good to be True in this City....
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Is a big reason to check for reviews, most times bait and switch.

Hello D.C. Mongers,

I'm visiting your lovely area in about a week and I've been doing my research. With the exception of a few AAMP orgs (which seem to all be connected given the similarities of their websites) I'm finding a huge number of advertised girls aren't reviewed here. Understandable given how huge the listings are on major ad sites for the area, but leaves me wondering. Are the major ad sites teeming with Uncle LEO?

I'm wondering if there's a regional site for reviews I'm missing, but I can't find one, so I turn to the TER forum.

In particular Daisy ( http://www.eros-dc.com/files/164607.htm ) and Jayne ( http://www.eros-dc.com/files/252671.htm ) caught my eye. I like backsides and untranslated french; the former I can tell from the pictures but for the other I need reports...

Thanks in advance for any help,

Both of those girls are major ripoffs. Be careful looking for girls in DC, if they are not reviewed, do not see them. LE may use girls for their stings, so, you have to be careful. But, I am familiar with these ads, and they are not associated with LE. They are associated with a ripoff agency. The only best option is to look for girls that have good reviews, and don't TOFTT. I live in DC, and will TOFTT. But, I would not recommend guys visiting the area to do it. They just don't know this area well enough to do it.

Those girls advertise on Eros, Backpage, and other sites. Including those two girls, there are plenty like them. When looking for Eros, just make sure they have reviews. Check out the Washington DC ad board too, to look for reviewed providers. Also, feel free to post questions here if you have any doubts.

Yes , many of the TGTBT ads you see on EROs are indeed TGTBT.  You need to be very careful and selective.

In your case I'd suggest you stick with ladies that place ads on the Regional ad board. They will have links to their reviews. Also , I trust you know how to use the search fucntion. I encourage you to employee this valuable tool.

If you care to indicate the area you will be staying and what you are interested in I suspect  plenty of local TERites will be willing to offer a recommendation or two.

I definitely advise you to resist booking with a gorgeous babe with an EROs ad with no reviews or TER history....especially the ones with a singular means of contact...like just a phone #.

There are many...many lovely ladies in our area that have plenty of reviews and stellar reputations. Stick with them and enjoy your trip.

Is a big reason to check for reviews, most times bait and switch.

"Daisy's" shots are of a model named Courtney Dannielle.  I haven't researched Jayne.  db911's advice is the best. If it seem's too good to be true, it probably is. Think with your big head, not your little head, and be careful.  ;-)

Very true Mocha but anyone interested should take the time to track down those reviews on those other boards.
There are really gems to be found but you have to do some research if they arent listed on TER.

Thanks for all the replies. Well that's why I do research. Nothing like having a nagging suspicion proven correct. Several of these girls have "rocketmail" email addresses which I thought was odd - so I figured they might be connected.

I actually tried tineye on some of the photos but eros doesn't allow downloading, and tineye didn't find anything from my screen grabs. Great catch on "Daisy", usatraveler.

Well, I'll be in Rosslyn near the Metro and without a car, so I'll continue my search. Any ideas?

I like the reviews on the asian orgs like http://www.clubpearls.net/home.html and http://www.iluvhot.com/  The design of their websites is so similar they must be related.

Good reviews from http://www.asianangels69.com/# too. I'll probably go with an AAMP org.

If any of you are in Illinois or Wisconsin and need advice hit me up.  Thanks again.


Those girls are good, I can't talk too much about them, so, you have to PM me or any of the reviewers that reviewed those girls. Those girls are well reviewed though, and I'd go with them if your into the Asian scene. But, they are good, just read their reviews.

As for Eros, just right click the image, and get the URL image web address from properties. There, go on google image, and click the camera icon and paste the URL image web address and click search.

As for the location of Rossyln, your technically in North Virginia. To have a better understanding of your surrounding, visit Google Maps, it will show you where you are. You are like literally several miles from DC if you cross the key bridge or 66. Since you are near the metro, you can take the metro to DC if you find a provider you like. If somehow you get to have a rental car, Arlington, Alexandria, and Tyson's Corner is where some good providers reside.

Actually, right click on image is blocked on EROS so instead, just go to the bottom of the EROS ad page to "click to create a direct link" then copy and paste it into TinEye...

case. I use to use Windows, and Eros did block it. But, switch it to another computer which enables me to do so. So, basically, I have the freedom to get image properties from any online image I want :)

Sorry, I didn't mention it. I thought some people had this feature. But, your method works well too, and I should have included it in there to avoid any confusion. But, advice well taken.

...I have a thing for Asians also!!!  The agancy sites you note are reliable and there are a multitude of AMPs in the area.  There are some Asian indies in the area but that will take alittle more research.  For the Agency sites you've come across you may want to get the screening out of the way before arrive as they can sometimes be slow in completing the process.  PM me and I'll give you contact info for an Asian who makes regular trips to DC from the Tidewater (Va Beach) area.  You may be able to arrange for her to make a trip up this way while you're visiting.

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