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Shake Shack - 18th and Connecticut - amazing burgers and close by! eom
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I just go into the city so frequently and when I do I just go to the hotel and back home so I am not sure of what all is around and what to do.

Anyway, my daughter and I have to go to the passport agency in the morning on 19th St NW between L & M streets.  From what I understand we'll submit oour paperwork and be told to come back later in the afternoon to pick up the passports.  Are there any good but casual restaurants in that area to eat lunch.  Anything interesting to do or shopping to be had?  Sorry to ask such a newbie question but I've never had a few hours to kill in DC before.

Thanks in advance....

My Dear:

You will be around DuPont Circle.  You will find many restaurants in the area or on your smartphone.

I am confident you will have many choices and few problems.

Enjoy the trip with your daughter.


That's how clueless I am, I didn't even realize it was Dupont Circle!  Goodness, I need to get out there a little more often.

Thank you!

i know not the closest place but central over on penn ave has terrific food and the best fried chicken money can buy lol

Luigi's on 19th between L & M.  Also Rumors on the corner of 19th & M.  Best strip club is Camelot on M between Conn. & 19th (Don't know how old your daughter is).  If you want to drop some $$$, The Plam is on 19th between M & Dupont Circle.  Hope this helps.

Meiwah Restauant on 21st and New Hampshire (literally 2 blocks from the passport office)....The best General Tso's chicken in DC. Makes PF Changs taste like a 24 hr carryout

You are in the middle of some of the nicest little places to eat. Actually you could walk to any of the places where you wouldn't have to be driving around.

I would also recommend using a parking garage while there, there is one in that very building.  The meter maids are out in that area in full force.

Hi Cayden!  This has always been a favorite of mine at 18th and M
Daily Grill
1200 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 822-5282

After lunch head West on M Street to Georgetown.  The weather is supposed to be warm tomorrow but it might shower so bring an umbrella.  Wish I could join you.


Now to figure out what were in the mood for tomorrow!

Greek Deli across the street from the passport office is the most popular on that block (check out the Yelp! reviews), and it is also one of the most popular lunch spots Downtown.  The best burger I've had in DC in years can be found about 2 blocks away at Bobby's (Flay) Burger Palace at 2121 K.

so pretty much around the corner.  New Southern cuisine (if you're interested try the Shrimp & Grits) & one of my favorites in DC.

So may sugestions, I may have to make an effort to come visit more often and explore.  And thanks for telling me about the parking garage, that info comes in handy.

Yes there are a couple of eating places on L street. Walk towards Connecticut ave on L and you'll see a couple of restaurants along L - stop in on Chocolate  Moouse it's a cute place to go with your daughter they have funny and satirical things and objects to peruse. They r located close to L and Connecticut. Have fun.

There is a small mall near GWU with several restaurants including Bertucci's and Kinkead's.  Address of mall is 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW  Washington, DC 20006.  There is also a Legal Seafood restaurant near GWU on K Street.

There is a great new bar/restaurant called Irish Whiskey on 19th just before M.  Opened 3 months ago.  Great Irish food with an American taste.  Hope this doesn't find you too late

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