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Overdue Report on Oase
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Great review of many have said before YMMV. But pretty spot on...I'll be heading back there in April just to help shake off the winter doldrums!

Had some issues that prevented me from getting this up earlier.  This my report on Oase from last spring.

I just returned from Oase.  I am spent!  Never make the mistake of walking/touring Frankfurt or any other place before you go.  Rest and then take more rest.  If you are there for multiple hours you will need it.
I arrived, paid the entrance fee and was shown to the lockers.  Walking through a portion of the bar area I could see multiple beautiful girls.  I knew money was going to flow out of my wallet in this crowd.  After showering and wrapping a towel around my waist I went back to the bar and ordered a soda.  About 3 different girls approached me, but remembering other trip reports I waited and told them politely I wanted to relax before going to a room.

Walking outside it was amazing.  Naked girls walking and lounging around the pool . . .  there is something that really can make a man feel like he is in heaven.  I saw a girl that looked like she was straight out of a penthouse magazine – blonde and big tits (fake, but with a real feeling) wearing hot pink stockings.  I followed her inside and asked her for name.  She wanted to go straight to the room, but I asked if we could sit and talk first.  Finally we went to a room.  We did some light DFK.  She started into a BBW.  One thing she was skilled at was treatment of the boys and she took them into her mouth multiple times.  At one point I tried to go down on her, but she said she just wanted to fuck.  The tone she said in sounded like she was laying down a rule so that started to take something away from the experience.  We tried multiple positions and once in doggy she told me not to thrust hard.  Finally I came in a spooning position.  The session was under an hour and we went outside to where wallets are stored and I paid her.  The session was okay, but I didn’t feel like there was a vibe between us.  I think the lesson for me is to avoid the girls that fit the stereotype of the porn queen or penthouse model – namely blonde, big tit, and shapely butt.  These types probably have a lot of men all over them and just want to get on to the next one.

I then went to eat.  Decent buffet and if you are there awhile you will need the energy.  However, when I went for a second plate I was told they were taking a break and I would have to come back in 30 minutes.  I walked around went to the Jacuzzi and sat in a lounge chair by the pool.  As I was sitting by the pool I tried to make eye contact with a petite brunette behind me by the bar.  She never seemed to notice though.  I walked around and I talked to some other girls.  I tried not get into a conversation, but just quickly said hello or complimented them on their jewelry and suggest we talk later.  A girl I had talked to for a few minutes when I first arrived, but did not go to a room with was visibly displeased with me and hounded at various times during the early evening.  I saw the brunette and complimented her on her earrings.  She asked me if I wanted to go to a room and I said I would eat first.  She was okay with that.  While I was eating I was thinking that very likely some other girl might pull me away, but somehow I met up with the brunette as I went back inside.

This girl had some dimples to die for and had a Kristina Rose (the American pornstar) kind of look.  She had long black hair with some slight curls and natural, but sizeable breasts.  At first we had a hard time finding a room as it was getting later and the pace of action was picking up, but with 5 minutes we did.  Shortly, after we got in the room we embraced in deep French kiss and I knew this time would not be like the session with the blonde girl.  I licked all over this girl’s body and enjoyed the taste of her pussy.  We did a 69 and I knew she was enjoying me too.  I really took my time to make sure she was stimulated and I could tell she appreciated it.  We finally began to fuck.  We started with missionary, but moved through several positions.  At some point I told her I would go for an hour – we actually went longer when I told her in passing I would pay her extra . . . I would have paid that extra just for the hour.  Unfortunately, because of the long day and the fact that I had blew once I was taking my time.  Never once did she complain about it.  She first gave me another BBJ, and then used her hands.  My one complaint is that with the BBJ if she could maintain her rhythm I would have exploded in her mouth, but she would pause.  No such problem when she gently wrapped her soft hands around my hard cock.  We kissed as I blew a load that landed on both our chests.  We cuddled and kissed for awhile after that.  She told me she does not work at Oase all the time and she returns to home in Bulgaria often.  This was my last session as Oase could put a man in the poor house in no time at all!
Big lesson for me was don’t pick the drop dead gorgeous model.  There are plenty of other fine girls who many of us in normal circumstances would only dream of screwing.  Many girls have that girl next door that you wanted to fuck look too.  I need to strike it rich so I can spend endless days at this place!

Great review of many have said before YMMV. But pretty spot on...I'll be heading back there in April just to help shake off the winter doldrums!

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