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Re: Gotta love this WOMAN!!!teeth_smile
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Thank you baby! Miss you!!!

Hey All! :)
You have been an askin'-so I am a deliverin'! I have enjoyed my last few months knowing that I am NO going to retire-and there are plenty of men ( and a good handful of women) who share my joy!
I have been flying around the country-but not letting too many people know-but now?...Heck! Let the floodgates open!
I am told I am hotter and hornier (what?-how;s that possible?  and have been knocking socks off into a different zipcode all the while

If you don't know about me-check out my 200 plus reviews-Top 10 in the world...not bad for an old bitch
I am more present and sensuous as always and according to my friends-has the libido greater than any man on the planet-well, maybe not the planet
Anyhoo-get ahold of me baby-you will not regret your decision...ask a nation

Muahh! See you soon!

Friday, June 7- Monday, June11

Piper, you look beautiful!!!  :)

Guys, if you have not met this amazing woman yet, she is worth the effort... guaranteed!!!

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