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Ohio guys really need to post reviews.
Many men visiting Ohio c/o that Ohio barely uses ter.

Most of the ads you see from unreviewed providers are either one, very obviously fake, or two of providers that just don't do a thing for me visually.

If there wern't so many scams, and if the region was not so depressed as far as the typical physic of most of the providers to where when an ad with a 20ish hottie is found online your first reaction is to say "scam", then I would probably TOFFT more often. The thing is getting scamed is going to make me detest the selection even more so I just have no patience or will to do it.

One thing I was thinking about last night as I was returning from having travelled 3/4 of the way to a supposed hobby date only to get a call from the booker saying the girl was "sick" was how could hobbyists act to deter the scam artists that are so prevelant here. I am so sick of the bullshit photos and the like - yes everyone is an idiot and are going to buy that crap they dish out.

Perhaps rather than TOFTT, those of us with spare time and perhaps no significant other could just call up the obvious scammers and f**k with them. Waste their time on the phone or even better set up bogus appointments with them. Ideally the address would be within viewing range of the pranker. If enough people did this it could perhaps move them along to the next town. Just an idea I was thinking about in my object frustration last night.

I would be willing to devote some time to that, its not like the prospect of meeting a perfect 10 is something that has been possible around here lately..lol

The only way that anyone can really hobby on a steady basis around here is if you like women in their mid-thirties to older who range in looks from very unstimulating visually to moderately attractive for her age. There are only a few that I would truly label as a milf, older girl with a smokin body, but qualification for milf in this hobby seems to be any woman over 30 to 35 that provides regardless of appearance.

Now if one likes that there is much fun to be had. If your preference is for women between 20-35 who are slim and toned, girls who don't go to any length necessary to hide their mid section in their pics, who have good reviews, then you are basically out of luck with only a couple to choose from outside of the odd touring girl that fits the bill. You can go weeks and sometimes over a month without a hobby date in this region, even when you have plenty of income to partake, the selection is just not there.

And then once your past that, then you have the scheduling hurdle. Not sure if it is any worse here than in other places but my cancellation I got last night (again as I was driving to the hotel) put me over $2,000 worth of cancellations/inability to get verified in time/weird schedule restrictions I have had in less than a month. And that doesn't count the ones who adverise a phone number that they never anwser or return mesaages left.

$1,000 of that was in my car and heading with me - two cancel on me and another gives me a 25 minute run around after the agreed meeting time, I got tired of it and left.

I mean this is just more frustration than it is even worth alot of the time, this hobby is supposed to be fun and when this kind of stuff happens after you go weeks without even seeing any ads that are visually appealling and then get cancelled on, I mean its just assinine to continue like this.

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this region just is what it is and it is not going to get much better - it is probably time to start trying something different like the sugar daddy thing/shopping at high end bars and preparing to get slapped for an unwelcome proposition...lol...I actually lack the balls to do either of those but I am about done with hobbying in this region, I really am.

Sorry for the rant but last night really did it to me, it is just stupid how difficult it is to even meet a provider. I have always fared pretty well once I am in the room, but it is just gotten to damn hard to set something up, when under the circumstances and arrangement it should be very easy. Its just stupid..totally stupid and I have just about had my fill. I mean how much fun can you have when you are almost expecting to get cancelled on or not be able to get scheduled, why even bother.

It's something the man on the street would probably consider pretty surprising - he would say, sure for enough money one can get himself some time with a attractive woman, no problem. Like I said I am at over $2,000 just in the last month, money that evidently no one cares about having, so the man on the street might be surprised.

Hope I didn't offend anyone, again everyone has their preferences and that is just fine - its just a guy with my preferences, perfect 10 or close to it physically that is in that 20's to early 30's range, never had children or if they have you couldn't tell very easily,etc - is just really hard to find around here that's all.

With the money you've saved, maybe you should consider flying in a perfect 10 twenty something for the night. Just a suggestion. ;-)

Yeah that is the one good thing about this region, my piggy bank has benefited from it. I can say for sure that if I lived in LV,LA,NY,or Florida that that would not be the case.

Guess its not all bad.

Man that post of mine was long, yeah can you tell that I really thought last night was going to end the bad streak I have been on with the cancellations and stuff, lol, the whole drive back was surreal, like, no that (cancellation) did not just happen again...

If not, keep putting that money in the piggy bank for a huge extravaganza! LOL

I do feel for you, cancellations....especially when repetitious, can get discouraging.

Paris Bouvier

Wow....so sorry to hear....I'm flabbergasted that you had 2 cancellations then a 25min. run around all in the same night, assuming (from what I know about you) you chose already reviewed girls, so wow I'm surprised u went through that....I'm shocked, I don't understand why the girls make the appt. if there's going to be an issue come up (really what can come up so important that they can't wait an extra hour to go do? and really loose out on $$$ to go do it right when they have someone on their way....The reviews should reflect some of that stuff cuz it shouldn't happen, once in a blue moon something cud come up but I repeat what's so important it can't wait an hour or two or the next day even?
But then I ask (not trying to be in an argument) did u have 2 different girls thinking they were going to have an appt scheduled at the same time? I caught 4 main players in this game last summer who all scheduled with a few different girls all for the same time (this happened over a two week period that I caught these guys), where I was located at the time a few different girl all had rooms close to each other so we communicated & we all got the same texts from these guys scheduling at the same time, we all said we were availible & set the appt. he didn't see any of us, one of them one day did show up to see one girl, he didn't know we all were around each other....So a few times after that I continued to schedule them (with all notions to not ever do the appt. just giv him the run around for wasting my time because they each had done it on several occassions screwing up my schedule causing me problems having me sit around waiting when I could have seen someone else or taken care of my own personal errands)....Then I finally got fed up & just flat out said some crazy shit followed by a don't contact me ever again....Of course word went around about how rude I am but it has saved my mentality & from them actually for once showing up & my not being there....
We get alot of games played on us....
I do feel for your frustrations that it shouldn't happen & feel bad that it happened to you.
Also, please don't incourage anyone to try your other idea, well if you know for a fact that they are a scam, none of us want them here....but alot of us get our time wasted already, it's probably why the girls have lost respect for the guys time.
I caught a guy just last week, who made a double appointment he confirmed called & then while he was driving (i use 2 call system like many do) & funny when I was calling him back to see why it was taking so long oops he went the wrong way & was in front of the hotel one of my compition is in (he thought it was here calling him with the room number) & I didn't hear from him again (which she really isn't competiton but I've heard her tell guys bs about me & also that I'm le so that they cancel with me which is vindictive & if you have good service u shouldn't have to get clients that way but you guys fall for it), so I knew it was her & probably the same with my appt. today, he texted me yesterday for it, then today 20mins after I text him where is he... back & forth him stating he has a busines to run (so do i, I wouldn't make an appt I don't have any intention of showing up for, don't these ppl take a lunch break? I'm sure he made it to that but somehow by the time 1pm rolled around he was toooo busy to even call to cancel).
I only like to make one appt. a day but will do 2 & it sucks when it's ruined like that & I have to sit around & wait for a call & all I get is 10 calls asking for my location & rate (it's in the ad), then these ones this week added is it hotel or apt? None of them making an appt. & really I don't know who they r they're not giving me any information about them & yet they want to know where I live & actually think I'm going to tell them any of that???
Sorry, I put all my cents in...... I mostly wanted to just let u know my ear was here for ya...but maybe if the guys out there who r doing these games would quit then the girls wouldn't do it either, they would have more respect for the appt...I'm just sharing what happens to me but knowing the other girls get it as well.


No the cancellations were on different nights, within a three week period. The one the other night was one where I had another option that I didn't contact because I had scheduled the girl that "got sick".

I am always very careful scheduling so I don't have to cancel, to date I have never done so. It kinda hurts me a bit as my profession prevents me from prebooking to far in advance. Some might make appointments and then cancel later on if things don't work out but I am just not like that, if I make a commitment then I carry through with it. Because I am careful about this, I often have to set things up day of the appointment or day before at the earliest.

What's more is the fact that the farther back you prebook the more disappointing it is when you get the cancellation - you have been looking forward to it that much longer.

I know there are many clients that cancel and that is not a good thing at all.

I know that many ladies in the hobby are not the most reliable or structured people, and I know that is not going to change. That is why I am considering finding something else to do with my time and money, I just don't have the patience or tolerance for it. Not the end of the world, I am just a bit apprehensive about the others options for fun I mentioned in my first post.

Unfortunately my recent experiences are TTMFTT! (Taking too many for the team)
no disrespect towards the quality providers but unfortunatly there are way too many liars and scammers looking to make a quick easy buck by misleading guys looking for a release.

I've run into a couple providers that claimed to offer GFE and then sing a different tune once the payment is in their posession. I've run into too many providers that are using fake photos that in some cases don't even come close to representing what they really look like. Honestly if they did post accurate photos i wouldn't have even considered giving them a call, but once i arrived for my appointment i decided ok i'll try to make the best of this situation so in essence my going through with the appointment rewarded them for their treachary. I'm sure other guys have done the same thing so i figure they continue to lie and use fake photos because they know that it pays for them to do it.

On the other hand i've also run into providers that break appointments without even calling to let me know and then not answering my calls when i call to ask what happened.
Recently a couple that i had strong interest in seeing never even returned my voicemails looking to make an appointment that i left for them. Based on some reviews i read i considered two of them to be a very strong canidates to be ATFs but neither one ever returned my calls so i never got the chance to see them. I do know that these particular providers are probably close to having as many regulars as they can handle, but if they're that busy and can't accept any new customers why do they continue to run ads? It doesn't make sense to me.

I love this hobby but it does get frustrating at times.

One thing I discipline myself always to maintain is a insistance that I always do the thinking with the head on my shoulders. That can be very difficult at times, you have no idea how frustrated I am right now with recent cancellations and other assorted BS leaving me without a release in a while and the region in general leaving me without a regular release, but you can get yourself in alot of trouble and/or have subpar experiances become the norm (as you alluded to in your recent experiances) if you are inclined to let the little head do the thinking.

I have said it before, I think the scammers must have a field day in places with limited selection versus places like LA,LV,NY,Fla,etc, alot of guys are starved for what they advertise (fake pics of girls with tight bodies and younger age)

For me getting scammed and being timid to TOFTT is less about lost money and more about one, just feeling really stupid for falling for it, and two getting into a situation where your trip home might include a stop at the hospital or something. I will be the first to admit, I have no balls to take risks in this hobby, I am a total pussy,lol. There are alot of good people in this hobby, providers and hobbyists, but there are also alot of scumbags that prey on the hobby. They know that they can do alot of things and not get in trouble since the prospects of contacting LE in case of being robbed or ripped off is a non-starter.

If I can be as sure as I can be, as sure as can be to where I feel comfortable, that I am not walking into a robbery attempt or a bait and switch then I can entertain a plunge with a unreviewed girl. If the worst that can happen is a subpar performance then I can deal with that.

Like I said though, experiance in the hobby will tip you off before you take the plunge alot of the time, reading reviews of guys who have been ripped off is an educational thing I recommend to all hobbyists, it has helped me to not have to write a nightmare review where I had a severely bad time.

If you show up and the girl looks nothing like the pics and she is not otherwise appealing then you should take your leave with no regrets, you were the one that was lied to. This is when you really have to make sure the big head does the talking.

I concur with you 100% on the ad thing, nothing more frustrating than not being able to even get in touch with the provider. I have a rule, if I try three times without success, three separate occasions then I will not try again, she is obviosuly too busy to be bothered with my money. I think many of these girls would be really well served to get bookers or someone to take their calls, they have to be losing tens of thousands a year because they can't be reached. I mean I understand they can't see everyone at the same time but its just not a god thing to be unreachable when your ad is online.

I know it is tough with the limited selection, but you are only frustrating yourself and having no fun by never getting an anwser, set a limit of contact attempts and stop trying after that limit is reached.

If a provider cancels on you without an explanation then just forget that they exist. Too many guys in this hobby insist on banging the door down to see a girl they really want to see, you should have some self respect and dignity and demand it. Most providers would not consider seeing a guy who cancelled on them (and I wouldn't blame them either) so why would you see a girl who cancelled on you. I wouldn't see a provider who cancelled on me even if she did call me to cancel, the only exception being if I feel the excuse is truly legitamite and not some BS story. The BS story is typical and guys are blown off all the time, and I can't blame the providers who do it, most hobbyists will call them up the next day to rebook.

You don't deserve respect unless you demand it. And it is hard I can tell you. There is a top notch provider, I mean top notch, she gets rave reviews on here all the time, and I have seen her too (didn't submit a review) and had a 10/10 time. I am not going to mention who it is as I don't want to damage her rep, if that's possible, she is a gem. She is from Cbus that is all I'll say. But she had a trip scheduled here a few months back that I responded to her email to me with a affirmative on her invitation for another appoimntment when she was in town. I was cancelled on and I don't feel like I was told the truth on why. My take was that she was making the trip to see a regular that probably booked her for multi hours which made it worth her trip and that gent cancelled. I can understand her cancelling the trip I suppose but I still was very disappointed and didn't feel like I was told the truth, which I would have appreciated, so I am going to,to my dismay, avoid contacting her again. I am sure under similar circumstances it would happen again so I will not put myself through the disappointment again.

Remember if your not having fun then what are you doing this for. If your going into a meeting expecting anything but a good time then why are you doing it. Some might do it for a rush of the unexpected, and that's cool. to each his own, they have more calls than me that's for sure, I just like having a certain level of comfort going into these appoimntments.

Wow! that's alot of advice! I'm joking Tallslim, i appreciate your thoughts and believe it or not i pretty much feel the same way.
I have alot of pride and i do believe that i am worth something too so no i don't waste my time with endless phone calls to cancelations. I'll call once to ask why and leave it at that.
The providers that i leave a message for regarding an appointment, i might call 2 or 3 times and if they don't respond i move on.
This hobby isn't an exact science so no matter how much experience any of us have there's always more to learn and experience and the only way to do that is to continue on.
Actually the good times have out numbered the bad but we learn from and remember both.

Happy mongering!

Bob, get you some back-ups.  I have seen a couple of providers that I use as back-ups, they aren't 10's or even 9's but they will meet anytime and treat me well.  When I get in a situation where the girl is not the girl or I'm feeling a scam coming on, I will back out knowing I have somewhere to go.  That's what's keeping us from saying good bye when it's not the same girl.  We think to ourselves we will be wasting $8-$10 in gas round trip, about 2 hours of our time and were thinking at least I have this girl right here right now and don't have to try to find someone else.  I say good bye and I'm with someone else within 30 minutes.  It does help to have back-ups as we all think, in times like that, with the same head.

The women who've been cancelling on you....
Which site do you typically follow their ads from?
Curious if they're from the typical 2 sites of Ohio or where you're etiology of poor luck is running from.  

Slim, you're pretty active on this board.  I wish more men would post the good, the bad , & the ugly on the Ohio board.  I haven't been on here long.  But it seems clear many Ohio men don't share their experiences on ter.  Which is unfortunate....for good providers and for men w/ $ to spend.

I guess I have been lucky with cancellations, very rarely happens.  Maybe I research more or see touring girls more.  With the recent busts in DC, I wonder if the touring agencies will still be active

Likewise.  If the session was particularly good or bad, I'll probably post.  But if all of the other reviews are 6/6 or 7/7 and I feel the same way, I probably don't. I don't always stick to reviewed providers There is somewhat of a perverse thrill in TOFTT.

....hence roll the dice & hope for the best.
Been there & done that.  There are a couple of steady & reliable women I've seen & had tremendous mutual sexual gratification with.  Yet, it's that desire for a new experience with the next new woman that often drives this hobby.

I learned my lesson about cheap providers on my first experience (see review).  Now I only see ladies in the $150-300 range.  Although, there are a few in the $400 range I'm dying to see!  Nikki Haven & Allie Diamond.

Indeed.  Both are on my list

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