Cindy V
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Any one see Cindy Valentino on her recent trip?

well I sorta laugh out loud, this stuff is getting really frustrating..

I tried to set something up on her 2nd of two days in town. I wasn't sure I would be free so I had to make the attempt on about 3-4 hours notice.

Her booker was VERY helpful - but it was all for not. Cindy requires two references. One of mine got back with her booker and verified me but the second one he got in touch with could not remember me with 100% certainty, I hadn't seen her since Sept (crappy selection here leaves me with gaps between hobby dates). What really sucks is that I gave her booker another reference that I am almost sure he didn't check. It is an agency out of Fla and I know they always anwser the phone. I didn't grill her booker about it, again he tried his best, but I think her booker and that agency might not be on good terms or something.

So I was unable to see her even though I had 1 and 1/2 references (her booker told me the girl who couldn't remember me sorta remembered but didn't want to vouge for me without being 100%) and also shared my work contact number. I mean I understand and respect the need to be careful about safety but c'mon, I can't get any kind of break right now. Her booker told me if it was up to him that he would have given me the ok, its just something she requires with no exceptions.

Cindy is one of the few 10/10 girls that come through these parts, very reasonable rate too. I envy those who did get to see her.

I just can't win right now I guess, I am close to just saying to hell with the hassle and trying out something else (going out to high end bars/sugar daddy type thing,etc). Over the last 3 weeks I have had about $1500 worth of cancellations/unable to get verified in time/weird schedule restrictions and that doesn't include a few that never seem to anwser the phone number they advertise. It's getting too bonkers for me, having plenty of disposable income and not having any fun because of difficulty scheduling. I'd say at this point trial and error at a nice bar would be less frustrating and better use of my time...lol

Did you get to see Cindy decadent??

hey fellas, i saw Cindy back in November when she came through with Viva. Those are great photos of her on the website. She has this amazing body of shapes of where guys want them her boobs are just huge for little Brazilain body with a body that's stunning if you love them bubbly butts. One of the few that gives you the backview. She's a nice gal.

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