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I know this question has been answered before, I wanted to add my 2 cents as I don't totally agree with what has been posted.

Entry Fees:
Entry fees range from FREE to more then 100 Euros, but as far as most FKK clubs the average is 50-75 Euros. What can be confusing is if the club is an all inclusive club (one price covers it all) and a low entry just to get you in (rental fees apply for towels and slippers, plus drink costs). It's safe to say the most popular entry rate will be 50 Euros.

If you check the local German papers you'll find clubs with FREE entry rates but once you arrive they usually explain you must pay at least 10 Euros for the towels and slippers. I bring my own slippers so I argued this point once and did not get anywhere. There are several good smaller clubs that offer low entry for about 10 Euros, then charge for each drink, towel, food etc. Drinks are about 3 Euros as I recall, I could make due with the one towel so don't ask about towel costs. Girls got the typical Frankfurt prices of 50 Euros per 30 minutes, CIM is only 25 instead of the usual 50.

Session fees and extra charges:
The 3 Big clubs Oase, World and Palace all set the rate at 50 Euros for each 30 minutes. Going farther north entry fees drop and so do the session rates 75 per hour rather then 100 as in Frankfurt. Further north at places like GT, PHG, LR and VV (Golden Time, Planet Happy Garden, Living Room and Villa Vertigo) some women charge only 50 for the first 30 minutes and then 25 for every additional 30 minutes. I say some since clubs like VV allow the women to set their own rates. 50/50 or 50/25 go and depends on the woman at VV. While GT and LR the house rules demand the prices are 50/25/25/25.

GT and LR have had problems with women who want to charge more. If you ran into such a woman who demanded or told you SHE is different and gets 50 for all 30 minutes you could argue it with the front desk and most of the time you'd win. What the women are doing is telling you, they will only do 30 minutes with you for 50, if you want more and want to pay only 25 they just won't go with you. Women have gotten fired over this dispute. Problem is GT is the hottest club around so the women actually wait to work there.

Extras, anal is a personal thing and most clubs don't force the women to set a pacific rate for this. So it can range for free to 200 Euros or more. Depends on the woman. I say free since I know a few women who prefer this and provide it for no extra (although rare). So don't expect a certain fee for anal.

BJ, there are some women who don't care to do this, most do it but you can't really demand it. There are women who will do just enough to get the condom on and then stop. CIM is set by the club such as 50 Euros at the big 3 clubs near Frankfurt. It's 25 at many of the clubs up north and even included for no extra at places like Schieferhof. But don't be surprised if you go to
Schieferhof and are billed extra for this, it has happened and arguing the point won't get you anywhere, its not a written rule. Most women provide it but some new girls don't.

Kissing, this is also not mandatory, while some clubs advertise it there are women who don't do it. They often do very light superficial kissing or just turn their heads. So if you think you can go and demand this, your in for a surprise. Most women will kiss so some guys have not run into the ones that don't then assume they all do.

A few weeks ago I was at a club with a friend who has been to Germany many times over the years. He ran into a gal who would not kiss (turned her head) then did a very short oral and started to put the condom on ASAP and wanted to get to FS. He got up after about 10 minutes and walked her to the locker and handed her 25 Euros. This turned into a huge argument that involved management and security. He had to eventually back down and hand over the additional 25. Why because she DID start to do oral, while not to his satisfaction, she did. He started FS as well and HE stopped the session. There's a fine line to starting and stopping.

When does the session start?
While most good workers will not charge you for the couch or Kino action, believe it or not they CAN charge for every second. When you go to the room used to be a standard but that has changed. I never had a problem with this until one day when I sat with a gal (did not touch her) and she began talking, finally she said "lets go to the room). OK we went and when it came to pay she demanded 100 Euros. I showed her my stop watch (which angered her further) that showed 29 minutes. Then she brought up the time on the couch. The problem was this was a smaller club where the desk women always side with the women. It was better to give her the cash then to argue and make a scene. So just don't expect things.
Some women are good at this game, they get you to go to the room and then say "just a second I need to go to the restroom" then off they go, who knows where only to come back 10 minutes later. Yet if they logged out a key you're actually already on the clock. This happens sometimes.

Stop watch: Not a bad investment, especially a digital one. Don't be afraid to let a girl see you setting the watch, one with a 30 minute chime is even better. The reason for this is if they know you're keen to keeping exact time they won't try the "push you over the 30 minute barrier". This is the old scam, get the guy just a minute or so over 30 minutes and then ask for an extra 30 minutes of pay. Happens alot and often in the larger Frankfurt clubs. Girls that don't care about repeat business often do this.

So when someone tells you, clock does not start till you go into the room, that is not really true. It depends on the girl. Many now charge to sit with you in the whirlpool, sauna or even the couch. There is NO rule that says it starts when you go to the room. I once had a conversation with the owner about this. He said, this is an FKK club and you can have sex anywhere in the club, not just the room. So does that mean sex outside the room is free? That made sense if you think about it. Years back it was common that the women did not charge until you entered the room but with all the new talent this is changing.

CBJ, while most women offer BBBJ it is not mandatory as well. The good women that don't offer BBBJ are suppose to tell you up front they don't do it. If they all of a sudden don't do it when you go to the room, stop there and take the problem to the front desk. I've ran into my share of women that don't do BBBJ, most were nice and told me before we started anything this was the case. This I know from experience at Oase, LR and VV. The key is they need to tell you in advance, now if you don't understand German, then its your problem.

Hope this bit of insight and opinion helps the newbie.

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Something that one should think about when partaking in this hobby are the written and unwritten rules. This goes for what is posted at the club and on club web sites. You'll quickly note that a great deal of clubs will list the entry fee but not what the women receive from guests. Having simple rates posted at the entrance obviously would make things easier by posting 30 minutes = 50Euros.
This is done at a few clubs but seems to be rare. Thus entry is often a written rule and what the women are paid is unwritten.

Who works for who? The FKK Club concept is built around another concept that its a place where men and women can meet. If you think about it the women pay an entry fee almost similar to the men. At some clubs you'll note the women are also wearing arm bands. They are independent contractors in a way, part of their taxes is collected in their daily fee. They eat, use the facility and do what they do almost like the men. The small difference is the men end up paying the women for their time. I'm sure the concept of why the women are at the club and why the men are there has been discussed. Is it love that makes the world go around or money?

Where does your time start and end, where can the gal bill you for an additional 50? I've had the pleasure of meeting many different men at the clubs from all over the world. We've discussed the sex trade as compared to where they are from to Germany. One guest came to mind who went to the room for 30 minutes and expected to come as many times as he pleased, after all he was told it was 50 euros for 30 minutes. The other often discussed or forgotten rule is 50 Euros per pop or 30 minutes which ever comes first. While you might expect your full 30 minutes many women will walk you out as soon as you pop. Their thinking is the more men they pop in an period of time the better.

While this was an uncommon event and experience for me one time at a club I had the unfortunate experience of learning how this can work. I was at a low priced club where there was an entry fee and then per session fees. I made my first trip to the room with an attractive Slovakian gal who seemed to enjoy our time together. We did our time and she billed for the normal rate. Here I was sitting in the lounge looking at the rest of the talent pool. I noticed this Brazilian gal who appeared to be busy, doing one guy after the other. Therefore I figured she might be a good choice. OK so when she is free I take a seat next to her. She starts with the small talk, thick Latin accent and barely passable German. She has one hand on my tool, doing some hand work and then once in a while bobbing her head. Not bad, this was going to be good, so she had me all hot and ready for a return visit to the room. So off we go, key in hand (this club issued keys)to the room. She starts with a good deep blow job and I was at the point where I had to stop or I was going to pop. So I push her back and just a small drop of pre-cum appears. YOU CAME, YOU CAME she said, NO I did not cum, I'm just excited, can't you see. Now thinking this girl had been with many men she would know what cuming is and what pre-cum is. SO then she says OK, fuck me. So she puts on a condom and we commence to sex. A few positions and boom, I then really pop. The elapsed time was around 12 minutes according to my watch.

Now this is where it gets weird, so we go to the locker and I hand her the 1 session cash. We depart and I head to the showers. No later then I'm washing up she pops her head around the corner in the shower and tells me. "I've been thinking about this, you came twice and the house rules say I should have gotten twice what you paid me". WHAT? We had a deal and besides that it's impossible to think I came twice in 12 minutes. Plus that was not a pop, well something did come out. OK so I dry off and she wants me to come to the front desk, here she has already told the desk woman that I came twice but did not pay her enough. I show her my watch which still had the 12 minutes on the stop watch. She asks me " did something come out twice" well yes but that was not me coming. It does not matter you came twice, now pay her. Now this was not the kind of money I would argue about, not even 50 Euros at the time. The point here was the fine line between a written rule and and unwritten rule.

Who will the desk staff rule in favor of. I've known many of the front desk women for years, some when they worked the opposite ends of the bar as some have done. How else do you really get to know this business? I've talked with them in detail about rules, problems, disagreements etc. Most of these women who have been working women tend to side with the women, since they've been in her shoes. Others will tell you they have to see that girl daily while many guests they only see once. So there are things that are not in your favor from the start. While the club does not want a bad reputation they want the women to be happy too.

If you understand the dynamics of clubs and how they work and succeed you'll know the most valuable asset are the women. You can have the biggest most beautiful club but if you don't have the women you won't get the men. On that same note if you don't have the men the women will shortly depart. Guys talk about the ole Atlantis outside of Altenstadt. When the club first opened they did not have the female pool of talent. It took them a while to get the customer base and woman base. This is not an easy feat either. If Atlantis did not have the large selection of women the club would have been just another club.
At one time it used to be Atlantis and Oase battling for the right to be the biggest club. It was Atlantis who first raised entry rates from 50 to 60 Euros, then Oase added food, secure parking and upped that to 65 where it remains today. The bottom line is even with food, secure parking, huge pool etc. the club is nothing without ample, attractive women. We can debate this all day long, what is more important, the women or the men? Put yourself in the owners place, you have to keep the women happy, they work with you on a daily basis.

Years ago it was a given, totally nude (except heels), time did not start till you got to the room. Part of the sell was getting your interest on the couch (Not going to the Kino). Back in the day you either got blown in the lounge, right in front of everyone or everything was done in the room. Today with all the newbies and tourist who are far too embarrassed to be seen nude only the most daring go to the Kino where it's dark and bit hidden. Funny when you go back to the concept of FKK (nudist) now robes are common. Back in teh day Oase did not offer robes. This was something only PHG offered. Sex was happening everywhere which was half the fun. Today its been minimized and done basically in the Kinos.

Go back in time and visit Bernd's Schieferhof where today you can get an idea of how it used to be. No Kino, no robes, not alot of extra charges either. Service is more of a norm rather then beauty. It's the old world charm. Usually more locals then foreign traffic.

Things have changed and so have prices, rules, clubs, dress code and service.

Thanks. I read both long summaries. Granted, I'm a newbie at FKK (have never been... but would love to). So far, this is the best and most interesting comprehensive writeup (general FAQ) I've read on the subject.

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Thanks you might google FKK Club and see what you come up with for more info. Don't believe everything you read, read several accounts and then decide. Far too many people these days who visit a club and then claim to be experts. Remember FKK is not a sex club term rather a nudist term. A real FKK has naked people without the sex, well paid sex.

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Just saying hello to the forum.


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