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I am new and have used mostly BP but also EROS & TER.  I hear a lot of negativity about BP due to scams and low quality.  I use BP in coordination with TER and other review sites to find quality/safe providers.  I used EROS once (my first time) and did not review the provider and it was terrible service and very expensive.

Any advice to find quality providers in Cincy-NKY?  After all my research, it seems there's a stable of decent providers on BP but there are many that have no reviews or negative reviews.

Bottom line is, does she have a sufficient number of reviews somewhere?  If not, move on.  There are plenty quality providers out there.


I guess my question is why is BP looked down so much?  If you do your homework, you can find a few decent providers on BP.  Maybe not high end, but if you want quantity with some level of quality, why not BP?

Want to know why Backpage is looked down on, just do a TER search for ripoff reports, not just in this area, in all places. A great number of those will be providers found through backpage ads.

In some places, BP is ok to look, in fact, you can look there anywhere and sooner or later, you might find a hidden gem.  However, my advice remains, check reviews.  My rule is, no reviews, no visit, unless she is recommended by a trusted hobby buddy, or a trusted provider.


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If you're going the BP route you should keep in mind that if it looks TGTBT, then it most likely is. If she doesn't have reviews, a website, or ads on other places that have a decent reputation like P411 and    D/C, in lieu of a website, then you might want to pass.

Also rates that are too low should make you take great pause. It's possible it's not really her, LE set up, or something else that will simply not end well. IE: posting 60 dollar specials who look like a 10, follow the TGTBT, not ending well rules and pass... lol.

In some smaller towns BP is the best resource for ladies to advertise because it's the only place. I notice well-known ladies posting on BP in smaller areas but they usually tell you their website in their ad. Which is another good way to spot a non-fake when you see great photos.

Tineye is also your friend for those photos that are TGTBT. You can sort out the fakes easily that way. Alway play back your findings to the community. You're doing yourself and others a huge disservice by not relaying info and not writing reviews. Good, bad or indifferent, share it.

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