Thank you Sydnee!!! Feeling much better!! xoxo (eom)
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Dear Hobbysits,

I feel I owe all of you an apology and explanation. I have been taking diet pill Hydroxycut, to lose wieght and tone while I work out. I want to improve my looks for you and myself. But apparently the diet pills did not agree with my body, yes I did lose alot of wieght :) but my body didnt like them and I ended up in the Hospital. I am okay now, just coming off a long bedrest. I had alot of scheduled appointements and alot of potentials. I am sorry if I did not cancel in time or get back with you. I was very sick and very medicated. Again I am very sorry and my regulars could assure as well as my reviews this is not my normal doings. I make my appointments and really do love our time together.  
Sunny Aldae

I dont mess with diet anything since the same thing happened to me!! Even in moderation diet fads will mess with you. I wish you the speediest of recoveries. For me, all I do is eat healthier and ZUMBA 2x a week!!!! :hugs:

BE Careful with that stuff.. I lost my thyroid over that stuff :( :(


Thank you all for you get wells....I love the cards terrilynn, I love the bee pop up card and very sorry that happended to your thyroid from these crazy diet pills, Secret Agent :)   and Danielle I would love to hear more about your experience as well...and yes I think Im gonna stick to my PS90X workout lol.   I got my letter from Doctor to come back to work :)  Gonna take tomorrow off for a little more rest....but back Friday gradually lol.   Again thank you all of you that is awesome you thought of me!!!! :)

Thank you so much!!! Im feeling alot better today....almost ready to play again :)

to all, stay away from those diet pills, they can friggen kill you. ( they all should be banned )
Get well soon Sunny.

You are so right....NOBODY should take these. It is the worst feeling in the world and you feel like you are going to literally die. I am alot smaller but was so not worth it.  Thank you for the get well. Im feeling much better today after tons of rest. :) Coming back tomorrow...yay!!!  

YIKES! NO DIET PILLS! Sunny, that was classy and sweet of you to post on the board, though.

Thank you Ms. Sexy Ginger Taylor :)  Very true no more diet pills lol... Im feeling much better and back to it today. Hope you have a great weekend and look foward to finally meeting you....

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