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Sounds FUN!! Who were the other ladies?
Hugs and kisses

It's the largest I've done.  Anyone else want to share their group sex stories?

I second that!!!! lol   sounds so much fun!!!

I have a two room suite this week with lots of space :)

Had a three on three once.  While I would love 4 girls, I must admit I no longer have the stamina to keep up like that.

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I wanna join!

Sounds FUN!! Who were the other ladies?
Hugs and kisses

i would need ten more more cock..and two more tongues to handle all that lucky man..carried a lot of cash too..

That's actually very easy.  For instance Scottie, caylee, misty, and ginger have a papa spa event going on.  8 roses you get the four of them papering you between 7 to 11 pm.

A year ago for my birthday, ATF organized a three girl celebration for 2+ hours, I think it cost 10 roses.

I bet Bella would love to arrange another one.  Guarrantee Faith or Terri Lynn could arrange one.

Best thing to do is call you favorite lady or agency and just ask.  Be upfront on your budget, but several will organize for you.

Bella, out of curiosity, who did you trip the frolic lane with?

He gave me a list.

It was Misty, Kerri and Sydnee.  Took advantage of Kerri and Sydnee's 350/hr double special.  

Best part about it all was that he was blindfolded and tied down at the beginning.  So, he didn't know who from the list was actually there.  

All in all, it was pretty fun.

That is like Baskin Robbins with all the flavors. Its nice to dream about that one. That is one hot list of ladies.

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