Sort of off Topic, But figured yall'd be experts. Atlanta's most photogenic hotel rooms?
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Hey y'all,

I'm going to be back in Atlanta next week.  Looking forward to some fun while I'm there but I have a client who wants to do a boudoir shoot and I'm looking for a hotel room with a cool look.  Are there rooms that the ladies can recommend vs the more commercial hotels?  Trying to stay downtown, midtown area but could do Buckhead too.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  FWIW these rooms would also be fun for play time so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks so much!


The W in Midtown is awesome!  I did  a photo shoot there....I had the has a beautiful "living" room with a sexy bedroom and a huge tub for sexy wet photos!  I was very happy to do my shoot there and it's got all the great colors/hues for a great photo shoot!  Good luck in your quest!  


Thanks Khori, you rock.  I've missed you!  Hmmm ... Maybe this time.  I'll drop you a line if it looks like I'm going to have some time.


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