Anybody seen or heard from Taylor again?
Crafty12 124 Reviews 991 reads

Just wondering if anybody has seen Taylor pop up anywhere else....I kind of miss her.... :(
She quit working awhile ago for "Peaches" but I keep thinking she will pop back up with another agency or as an INDY.
Anybody else miss her or have seen her? Personally I think she was one of the best spinners in Atlanta and at a price that could not be matched for that high quality of a girl.

I know these ladies recently changed names and numbers -- I thought Taylor was reborn as Jenna at 770-383-2958.

Jenna is cute but she is not Taylor......I'll say Jenna is thick in a good way though and she is also one I have not seen yet.
When I talked to Holly/Kylie about Taylor she told me that Taylor got feed up and just up and quit working for Peaches. She may have got her a sugardaddy is why we have not seen her again yet. She is so used to that big money I can't see her staying away long unless like I say one of her well off regulars is taking care of her.

Her is Jenna.....she is cute and very doable but she is no Taylor.....

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