Re: Darling, I've seen 100s and yours
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Lol. Fun times.. Its just weird that I'm getting so many people saying that... :p

This week I've had 3 clients tell me that I have the biggest they've ever sucked..or seen.. I've never thought about the size of it before.. But im thing I have something special yuo work with...

how many ladies think they have big clits??


definitely is right up there with the biggest I've ever seen/sucked!

Lol. Fun times.. Its just weird that I'm getting so many people saying that... :p

Unfortunately, only about 10% of women have labia longer than 2 inches and/or big clits. Fortunately, I've experienced a few. Cate Lee is still the prettiest clit I've ever seen, if not the absolute biggest, tho hers is very large. Chanel Labelle has huge "equipment" as well. So many women with large clits seem to be embarrassed by it. I for one love big clits and labia, and plenty of other guys do too. Be proud of what you've got ladies!

an average size clit BUT Krystal Kisses has a big nice one (atleast it get that way when I'm down there)
As a bi sexual woman I find it very sexy for a woman to have a big clit ;)
Hugs and kisses

I 'm thinking it was Mischa that has a fairly good size clit.....I could be wrong though as I get confused sometimes....LOL...but I do remember she has a gorgeous pussy.

Brianna has the biggest clit I've seen in the South or anywhere else.  It truly stands out once its aroused and she enjoys every minute when it is.


It's a succulent mouthful but I've never seen or s_ _ _ _ d a more swollen one yummmmmmy!

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.........I saw on a fully aroused gal pal looked like miniature white penis and it was fully extended to almost 3 inches. Completely freaked me out!

Anyone else experienced this?

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