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Escort and a client were chatting over dinner. The escort mentions to her client that her father is very successful local lawyer and the client asks her, why she didn’t follow her dads foot steps. The escort replies “I have morals”

Actually I didn't think it was all that humorous. I mean come on, providers are real people who have real lives and for the most part they deserve every bit of respect. While they each have their own reasons for becoming providers, and many of us are glad that they have made such a decision, they don't just stop being regular human beings. I have always, always tried to treat providers with respect and dignity and in all of my years as a hobbyist I have only had a few experiences where they showed by their own words and actions that they were not worthy of that respect - but that just meant I never called on them again.

So, I do think providers have both morals and ethics and in a way I give them applause for their pure courage to be providers because they always have to live with the possibility that some meet will go terribly bad or that LE will assert themselves in the situation. Maybe I'm alone in this, but to me they are not just pieces of meat or in any way sub-human. I've actually known several over the years that I have considered to be friends after seeing them a couple times and it often ends up that we spend at least some of our time together catching up on either other's lives. To me, because I don't really have a "significant other", this can make the whole thing more enjoyable and never have I looked down at them simply because they choose to be a provider.

Didn't mean to sermonize, so I'll get off the soap box now.

I LOVE Providers hon. Actualy, I cant live without them and have the utmost respect and love. I still have some ladies... for 17 years workin on and off :) Thats cuz we love eachother :)

It was just a joke :)


Come on it was a joke dude.

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