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Niki on Eros using pictures of a Victoria Secret model
FakeExposer 561 reads


THIS PERSON IS STEALING PHOTOS of many different models, including "Katsia Zingarevich", a Victoria Secret model.

Third picture shown in the ad can be found here (real picture is a brunette, not a blonde)

Second picture shown in the ad:


FakeExposer423 reads

Nicole on Eros:

This person is using the pictures of THREE different models in her ad.

1) Using the pictures of famous model "nicole" on x-art.  These photos have been stolen over and over again by advertisers on EROS:  --> first picture used in the ad

2) Second model used:  Denisa at  --> 3rd picture used in the ad

3) Third model used:  Danae from and Bravo erotica --> fourth picture in the ad

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