I spoke to her earlier today... She is fine butteeth_smile
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I will leave it to her for the vanishing explanation....  Not my place....  Thanks for the concerns!  She is a real sweety!  

She vanished into thin air. " Profile no longer available on TER "

Didnt she just have an ad up? Very strange. Maybe she decided this was not the thing for her?

That's strange. If she was going to retire, she probably would have mentioned that. Plus, she was just recently touting her newly blonde hair, and seemed excited about the change. Doesn't seem like someone who decided to suddenly retire. I'm wondering if something else is going on. We may never know.

Gosh I don't know her at all and that stalker post is scary.  That's obviously why she's disappeared.  She probably had to call LE for help on this one.

This is the worst kind of news! It's so disturbing

No doubt. That  dude is the type you stake down naked somewhere near the trout hatchery below Springer Mountain and cover him with molasses.

Not sure what that means but I agree!!!!!!!

SHe seems like a real sweetheart
Hugs and kisses

Sorry to scare you all. I'm fine. Yes, I have an issue that needs to be handled. I have gotten a lot of great messages of support and I have met some really, really great guys here that are being so sweet!

I haven't done anything yet, but have talked with some people and I have to decide which way I really want to go with this. As of now, I'm kinda UTR until I decide what makes sense.

Thanks everyone for all the support. It really does help.



I will leave it to her for the vanishing explanation....  Not my place....  Thanks for the concerns!  She is a real sweety!  

You would never put one of these gals in a compromising position, right ?

Of course not - not sure why you would suggest so....

It would be a shame if that clown slipped on a banana peel

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As an acquaintance of the man in question I can advise that as he did not see it happen exactly how Claire has stated above he admits everything got way out of hand.  He does not want to argue or ever have any conversation or see Claire again.  Hopefully both sides can walk away as the police getting involved would be embarrassing and messy for both sides.  No further comment will be coming from this side.  God bless

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