Furry and Non-Furry Friday...first time ever to post such an explicit shotred_smile
GingerTaylor1234 See my TER Reviews 1944 reads


Ladies, if you want to join in, post your furry or non-furry, panties or no panties p**** shots. This was suggested by a hobbyist earlier in the week.

I seem to recall that view. Thanks again for a wonderf ul time Sweetie!


I sure hope all the ladies participate in this one. Thank you Ginger!

WELL, THANK YOU, sweetheart! But, alas, I can not take credit! As I said,  a gent posted the idea on the board a few days ago! I just took the intiative to steal his idea! SO, thank that guy! lol! I hope lots of ladies play along, too! I think all "tu-tus" are beautiful, innies, outies, pearls, etc. But, I must admit, I was pretty shy to post mine and although I would LOVE to see all of them in Atlanta, I guess it's a personal decision! YET, LADIES! It seems the guys REEEALLLYY like this! So, don't be shy!

Isn't that the truth.  Now I would like to see a full bush!  Any one willing to do it?

I coined the term "Furry Friday" the other day. I like alliteration, plus I like the vajayjay. What better way to combine the two?

Nice job ladies. Particularly Ginger's pic. We now know why they call you "Ginger". ;)

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