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I really have never seen that before. I say 'shopped'. (e)confused_smile
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Good morning girls and boys. This picture is for nipple lovers but quite frankly, I have my doubts as to whether these nipples are truly depicted or photoshopped. What's your opinion?

...I would have to say photoshopped.  It doesn't seem natural.  The left one looks like it was edited ;)  

However, would it be possible to view them up close and personal?  I think it would really help me get to the bottom of this...

Evelyn / Tei, TER ID: 189062 had natural "carriage bolts" but has had surgery that augmented her size and reduced her nipples. Her bolts weren't quite as big as in your picture but the pointy protrusion was almost the same.

Possibly real but I can't say, either.

The photo made me think of Pinocchio

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