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Come back soon Isabela-Many non-doorman buildings are NOT ugly and safer(eom)regular_smile
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Hello everyone!!!
 I moved to California for a few months but I will move back to Manhattan by the fall and I would like to pick a new location in midtown west or around Columbus circle.
I have a question to all the gents or girls who've been around Manaan and been in several buildings.
Pls help me with some hints, specifically here is my dilemma.
-If I choose a doorman building has to be one that they don't stop people. Of curse I have some special buildings in my mind.I was so lucky in my previous building.
-If I choose a non-doorman building those buildings are usually ugly, which is why I don't wana choose a non-doorman building.
Please PM me so you can tell me some special buildinngs where I could possibly get away with this thing. Thanks

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