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tour or not to tour - pros and cons
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I have never toured - feel that NYC keeps me pretty busy but have had the thought cross my mind from time to time.  Any feedback to share - would love to hear from some of the women regarding pros and cons or some insight.  Thanks.  Vicki

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1. The oportunity to visit a new city.
2. You're the fresh face, people will be curious to meet you.
3 If you plan correctly you should do well financially
1. The upfront costs you must bear
2. Being away from friends and family
3.  It takes time & $  to build up a new market
4. Very tiring

Id say tour if you need a change of scenery and if you have a budget set aside for it.

That's some good insight there... which helps since I've also been thinking about touring lately.

As a hobbist, I can attest to the fact that being a new face in a new city will make you stand out from the local competetition. However, many cities (within the US) may not support the donation structure seen in NYC: price may have to be adjusted due to local market conditions.

Also, remember a post 2 years ago from a provider who stated that NYC clients seemed more respectful and more considerate than clients from other cities thus the positives you have experienced, no doubt well deserved by your reviews, may not be repeated in some other city.

Another point, is that if you are new and touring a city for the first time, will that make you the target of a crime since you will not be sticking around in the city--one reason tourists are often targeted for scams and pickpockets.

Don't mean to be the sourgrapes person but want to make sure you consider all things: good and not so good. Would hate to see you get jaded by the industry. I'm sure you'll do the proper research and the ladies on this board can give you the intel on specific cities.

This is a good post!  A provider who became a good friend of mind...probably a little to good...was debating this very issue with me awhile back.  She was having trouble keeping her business up in her home market and was trying to decide if she should tour.  Actually she is touring another state for the first time now.  However, I helped her set up a test run in an neighboring county from her own before this and she did not really do any better.  But she still decided to tour.

The whole issue we figured would work for her was being a new face in a new area.  We both figured there would be an initial spike in business for, at least the first couple of weeks minimum because of the new face factor.  I guess now I am wondering, has that effect been clearly noticeable to those of you who have toured?

Otherwise she is a good provider with good reviews.

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