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As a provider ages, her menu of sevices increase & her donation decreasesregular_smile
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In my many years of experience, I have discovered that as a provider ages, her menu of services increase and the amount of her donation decreases. It seems you get a lot more bang for your buck. If anyone has any comments to elaborate, please do so.

Sarcastically employing a serious disease that affects way too many Americans by itself characterizes you as an ass. Add to that the alias, your insult of a longstanding member of this board, and your lack of support for your 95% statistic makes you at least batty, but probably much worse. The term we used in Nam was chicken hawk. It seems to fit you perfectly. Care to respond?

Well said Hegel. Well said!!
Chicken Hawks don't respond

squirting suddenly becomes a menu item as well.  Is that an age thing or just something they've learned they could do?  I've been drenched a few times.

Some charge extra for that ... funny, paying a lady to have a gushing "O", LOL.

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I agree that older providers tend to have more on the menu than younger providers, but you have it wrong on the pricing.  The longer someone works, the more they charge, and it's extremely rare for someone to backslide on price.  

I can't speak to how effective that is with regards to economics.  Hobbyists assume that younger girls are in greater demand and can therefore charge more, but clearly there are many women who have been in the business for a long time who have higher rates than their younger counterparts.  Clearly, there is demand.

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