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Matter of perspective really because if the ladies have to negotiate or manipulate
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The get what they want from the man then really who's got the control? It's yin and yang. I feel.

I was just curious if anybody had any interesting thoughts about Mad Men last night. I post on this board because I think the theme concerned women "getting their price" against the backdrop of a sexist 60's culture. It was an interesting split, analytically, between the paths that Joan and Peggy took. It was as if Joan understood what the world is about and made a compromise in order to get what's hers in the male-dominated Sixties. She named her price, held her nose and did the deed by shagging the chubby Jaguar executive, and got what she wanted in the end .... maybe? It was interesting that Don Draper served as the moral bulwark telling her that she didn't need to do it.

As for Peggy, she actually undervalued herself, you could say, laboring under Don's shadow, although of course she is limited by being a woman in the early to mid-60's - like Joan is - and then did so again when she named her "price" at 18k and her future employer actually increased it on his own to 19k. I think there must be some meaning to that particular scene. Then, when she gives notice to Don, he asks her what number will make her stay, and she responds that it is not about that. Thus, for Peggy there is not a "price" at which she will sell herself. There is more to who she is and what she is looking for. Then again, she has different horizons than does Joan, being without child and working as a copywriter.

And, in the final scene, we see Peggy leaving and the last person to look at her is Joan. Each has made their own choice, and each is heading in a separate direction.

I dunno, maybe in the hobby us men are like the chubby Jaguar executive, or maybe we are Don Draper who often gets what he wants in a morally questionable way. The episode certainly suggested that he was not interested in what his wife wanted. Maybe escorts are like Joan naming their price and holding their nose and doing it with us guys so they can get what's theirs. Or maybe they are like Peggy - their labor buys them their own type of freedom.  

Interesting to think about. A very, very, very good episode.

The get what they want from the man then really who's got the control? It's yin and yang. I feel.

I don't think so.

All I can say is that there are women who would rather suffer or die than sell themselves for any dollar amount or guarantee of security.

I cannot say what exactly differentiates them from women who can and/or will without reservation (and possibly- like myself- truly derive satisfaction from it).

Self-esteem or lack therof?  A profound sense of enlightenment or acceptance of the nature of the world?  Who can truly know?

Interesting topic.

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