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I have begun to get alot of calls from ladies all over who are looking to get into the hobby.  Yesterday, I got a call from a lady in SC asking about the hobby in Atlanta.  I write ad copy for a lady out of Chicago and am building a blog site and teaching WordPress to another in LA.  I was wondering if other girls are noticing this?

I asked one other Atlanta provider about this and she has noticed this also.  The newbies tend to be older (26-32), looking to make a career change (back to school or between jobs), green as hell, and fairly well educated. I have always had a sneaking suspicion that just about (not all) any woman would sleep with a guy for the right amount (and it's alot less than most think).

Questions, comments and concerns...

Alexandria Fox

With the econcomy still being slow it does not suprise me that ladies in this demographic are looking at the hobby for financial means. It is "the oldest profession".

It's an old cliche that I heard from a family friend named Charlie back when I was a teenager. He was unattractive, obese, bald, with an oxygen tank, but had a sizable amount of money and always paid cash. Charlie, my dad, and I were out at a bar (back when teens were allowed) when I noticed a hot blonde waitress with ample curves and cleavage. I made a comment about... desiring her. Charlie said "everyone has a price" then proceeded with negotiations. Eventually she stated her price was $2500 for the night (1970s dollars). He chuckled at her, turned to me and said "Now you know Her price." She quickly responded $300 "to make a man out of me"... but Dad intervened.  Fun night.

So no, I'm not surprised. With the decline in the economy, upside down mortgages, and TV shows like "The Client List" and "Secret Diary of a Call Girl", I think there will be a number of women who will try the Hobby. Most will (likely) wash out quickly.

I also read where a millionaire in Cannes offered a British model $1M for a night - she declined. See Link below. I guess she thinks she's worth more, but I wouldn't pay it...  if I had it to spare.

Interesting link.  That's 1 Million Euros she was offered.

That's some crazy silly money.  Just because she's beautiful, what would make you think that she'd be fun to have sex with?  Seems like a professional provider would be more worth it.

It seems that the taboos on sex and drugs like marijuana are losing their grip.

Add in a bad economy and I'm not very surprised that this profession is seeing an upsurge in women looking to join it.

Thank goodness for new ladies in the Atlanta area. But there have been so many GREAT ones retire or move away, just in the short time I have been here.

I have noticed in the past 2 years that to new providers are older than say 4 years ago. I have no idea why. But, I feel their is an age shift. Maybe it the crazy economy, which I feel is going to keep draging on for a very long time.

Those ladies.. that are getting into this just because they can not find jobs.. When the economy improves and they can get jobs.. They really dont want to do this... They'll be gone..

Who knows how long that will take...?


I see alot of ladies leaving the business. On the other hand, the media is always talking about escorts, its no wonder ladies are jumping in the providing water head first.

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