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... used to based in NY. Now based in DC but she still visits.

While I think ladies across the age spectrum can be lovely and enjoyable, I have had very few truly great experiences with college age ladies.  I had an experience with one provider years ago named Nicki, who was probably 19 years old at the time that was excellent.  True true GFE and absolutely gorgeous, but since then really no luck with ladies that young and I have stuck to girls in their mid 20s or older as a result.  

I am curious if most others find this to be the same situation for them?  If not, who are your younger favorites then?

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Alyssa Marx from TJAS was a LOT of fun.

She's probably about 20 now, but said she was 18 when I saw her last year.  Sweet, pretty and sexy.  Made me feel like a total DOM (Dirty Old Man).

Brianna Taylor.  Well reviewed too.

... used to based in NY. Now based in DC but she still visits.

I tend to see providers in their 30s and up, but have tried those in the 18-22 age brackets and find that they tend to be busniness like and not so GFE as they advertise. Then again, I've found these on BP.

The older providers tend to be more unihibited and comfortable in their own skin and less likely to be supoorting some habit or pimp. Just my 2 cents.

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