New York

Submissive Providers?
RHCP4EVER 7 Reviews 474 reads

I'm looking for a truly submissive provider. A girl that likes to be dominated, can do role plays and things like that. Does anyone know of any in the NYC area??

For me this is a golden age of submissives.  You can find many pros on BP, Eros, and even CL, where you can also find some non-pros.  It's a little harder to find them here on TER because many of the new review summaries say S&M, but then the review details say "don't know" next to S&M in the services offered category and the reviews don't mention any S&M activity, which can be frustrating.  But try various search options  here anyway.  You might also want to post your request on the BDSM discussion board here.  Good luck.

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