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She screened me and we set up a date for today - needless to say she cancelled with no notice and no call or email.  Bogus, beware!!

She's from Los Angeles California and despite her favorable TER reviews, nonetheless, many out of town providers often encounter difficulties in transportation and intimidation by the high NYC hotel charges and learning at the last minute that they haven't booked enough appointments to justify the expense.Whether their lack of communication is occasioned by not having access to phone or email contact, or just plain indifference, it often occurrs and one must consider the pitfalls of making appointments with out of town touring providers.There are several very reliable TER rated agencies providing out of town touring providers who rarely cancel and when they do, adequate notice is given. Caveat hobbyist.

Scam artists probably knows that we, legit providers, do screen our potential new clients.

If you think a bit about why so many fake profiles on Eros....maybe they are there for a shady purpose? To gather guys information and use that for scams they might be running (non hobby related)?

Scammers contact us all the time, posing as wealthy potential clients, asking us for multiple hours or week long trips. They offer to pay for our air fare (of course, we NEED to give them our real information)....and we all know is some nigerian scam.

For the 'provider' to talk to you, ask your personal information for 'screening'...then never show up or called....sounds like a scam to me and is not to do a bait & switch.

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realized she was a phony and no one booked.  So whoever she is she's not gonna
setup for just one guy.

BTW, your Ter profile and Whitelist should be sufficient for most providers.  Then just
communicate via your hobby e-mail.

Take care.

Screened, scheduled, confirmed, called when appointment was supposed to start and said he is couple of minutes away just to go AWOL.

Makes you wonder WHYYYYYYY?


Did she ever advertise on TER?  Your negative post will carry more weight and credibility here if she did.

As for Eros, I don't know what to say about the NCNS.  Personally, I would move on...and ALWAYS favor those ladies I know...they rarely disappoint, and almost always make things right when they do...

Most come to NYC to get one over on the fellas, most let them, but if a local - review girl does it just slightly with a acronym being wrong or not getting it, its OMG all reviewers from hell break loose... lol

Always enjoy reading about fake pics and time wasters tho.

I agree with what SINDEE said.

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