New York

Anyone know where Gucci is from AMP Asian Paradise?
XtraVirgin 25 Reviews 649 reads

Wondering if anyone knew if one of my ATF AMP girls was back and working. Last time I saw her was last year in November, I believe. She's been on vacation but just wondering if she's back and working at a new place that I don't know about. The Asian Paradise site seems to be down, I don't know if they're shut down now or what. I do have to say that the quality of girls there has been subpar for a while so it would not surprise me if they went broke.

There's another AMP girl out there who goes by the name of Gucci. I am *not* looking for the one currently working at Bunny Girls. I've never seen her but I've been told they are not the same person, nor do they look like it in photos.

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