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one of the pics is of Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciagaconfused_smile
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I know alot of you guys can't stand when people ask for info on an unkown provider but this one is so amazing I've got to ask. Emailed back and firth and she appears real, but no reviews and no ads on other sights.

Another question, if you can't right click on Eros pics how do you do the Tineye thing?

P.S: I'm a Newbie (duh) and read Octavia's scathing commentary on Eros, where she said hobbyists are preferring to use the "2 other" more reliable sources. What would those sources be?

Thanks for helping a new guy!!!

Have you been to the self help center here?
No website.
No reviews.  
Really vague photos.
These should be red flags for newbies like us.
Now I as a newbie myself, I have met ladies that are not on TER. Her website, screening,  and overall professionalism was enough to convince me she was legitimate.
Try using the mobile version of eros the right click works I think, or get a mac.

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Tineyed away and got 0 results on all pics. Doesn't mean it's real.....I know. Curiously she added another pic that appears to be before a boob-job 'cuz the faces look the same.

Probably best to stick with known providers.

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The photos in Eros ad are all over the Net.

Hi. I don't know anything about this provider but if you use the Eros mobile version the "right click disabled" feature is not activated. There is a link to the mobile site on the ErosNY homepage. Hope this helps.

right click - click on 'OK'

right click again - check box that appears and click on 'OK'

right click again - voila!!! menu pops up to save image

NOTE - you can now just step through most pics and save

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