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Just to inform the members:  LE is on the prowl setting up surveillance and busting johns of a very famous high volume NYC house with two locations: Eastside and Westside.

LE TARU (wearing their wind breakers) squad was installing cameras late at night - mid block - pointing to the entrances to the locations in the direction of the house. They are the only occupants of this location so, you put two and two together.

Remember the NYT article of the past week, they are not interested in the working girls, they are interested in arresting the johns and hitting them under the new law for up to 1 yr vs the old 90 days.

Caution alert to all who frequent this establishment.  With face recognition software now available and being used for everything, they know who you are just from your digitized drivers lic picture.

Its easier, no trial, guilty pleas and we all know civil servants are lazy just waiting for their pensionable years.

The possible coincidence to a recent event here in NYC troubles me. It could be part of a wider initiative. The Technical Assistance Response Unit is a well-trained group, with resources (training and technology) from agencies a few hours south of here by car or train. I'd be curious if this is taking place in other parts of the City.

Oh, and by the way, (to the snarky respondent of the OP), two plus two equals zero in modular arithmetic of order four. But I'll guess it's been a few years since high school math (it certainly has for me!), so I'll cut you some slack.

How do you know what LE is doing in regards to installing cameras, conducting surveillance, etc?  Did they publicize this on TV, in the papers, or on the web?  Or do you have an inside connection?  Just curious, because LE would logically take pains to be inconspicuous in advance of making making a play.  Also, do you really think they are going to target individual hobbyists, yet allow a "very famous, high volume house" to continue operations if they have them in the cross-hairs?  

For years, cameras has been installed, aimed to traffic and businesses.
They started with the most busy areas and slowly are spreading out their goal of having them in every block of the city.
We are constantly being spied on, not only by the city installed cameras but also businesses and buildings.
All in the name of 'terrorism' and to 'protect' us.
I miss the days when there was no cameras and I could find a police car in every corner of my neighborhood.
I could go to the gym at 3AM and feel completely safe while walking few blocks on deserted streets. Cops were around and no one would dare to mug you.
Now, with all cameras around, I don't feel safe anymore. They are not good to prevent the crime, only to catch criminals AFTER the deed is done.
I don't think the city would take tax payers money to put a sophisticated surveillance system just to watch the traffic from a bordello, specially one that is not peddling 1,000 a hr girls.
They wanted the East Side Madam for different reasons. Look at the exorbitant bail the judge ruled for her and how she has been treated in jail. Her partner walked and she still rotting in a cell....why?
You guys are getting paranoid and is exactly what they want you to be.
LE and the media are shoving 'trafficking' down our throats the same way they did with 'terrorism'.
Every day they post horrible stories so the public get outraged and they can take another of our rights away. Is all propaganda so they can control us.

why would anyone take a risk....Yes, it is propaganda to control us but why be the guy who they make an example out of....I am almost(no 100%) sure i know what establishment that is being talked about here. I like going there for a quickie and when I do not want to take the time to wait a few days to schedule something with an indy.. But this place has had problems in the past albeit a while ago.  But who wants to be the one guy that shows up in a situation. I also do not like there lack security-sometimes I call from not my regular phone and without even asking who I am or what I do they just say sure honey come on over we are at "......"  Just sayin fellas there seems to be a lot of propaganda out there now and with this so-called "war on women" in an election year, just do not be the jackass that gets too comfortable so anyone can make an example of out you....Personally I am gonna lay low and stay with my bunch of already seen indys.....

Just my two cents...


Where the money came from for this project! Are these misappropriated funds? I find this hard to believe but thats JMHO

Misappropriated funds? No money for law enforcement activity?  With all due respect, what planet are you living on?  The budgets are unlimited for the pursuit of criminal activity, the clean-up thats in progress, read the NYT's and see what they are up too..  When law enforcement has a reason for their activity the funds are available.  Just think, what are the goals of the Eastside soccer mom and 5 yrs of investigation?  If there is a history and LE wants to shut down an operation they will at any cost. Maybe they know more than all combined as to what is really happening at this famous house and who is associated with this operation that they really target.  Squeeze the johns, get the hierarchy?
Just the money they recover in an operation pays for the investigation.  cash businesses yield no taxes, prosecution, fines yield profits.

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Where the money came from for this project! Are these misappropriated funds? I find this hard to believe but thats JMHO

Friend resident on the street, happened late at night talking to LE advised what is happening on his block so block association community groups who rally against this new neighbors activity.
Based on NYT article 5/3/12 page A27 seems new targets of LE are hobbyists. Go to NYT website, read article.

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