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Would I be wrong
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if I said you were the sucker for not taking a path that made you successful enough to eat a $400-$600 price differential without a second thought?  Of course I would. Being presumptuous about other people's hobbying methods is asinine, no matter which direction it you're coming from.

appreciate any info on "unreviewed model from Czech Republic"

I've been with better looking girls for only $300-$400. That girl is asking 1K "introductory" hour. Pssshh..

He's obviously interested in meeting her.  He asked for information, not finger-waging and subtle resentment of providers that are out of your price range.

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Agreed.  Leave the guy alone.  He is asking for information, and I can see why he or others would consider seeing her.  There is a certain appeal to seeing a guy who is UTR and who hasn't fucked hundreds of men (if only because it's not obvious through having a dozen pages of reviews).

To the OP...wish I had information.  She looks great.  Good luck.

Oh and just because girls are not reviewed doesnt mean the fucked less guys, i can name plenty of "UTR" that are more active, hence the title "UTR" just because the don't advertise don't mean they're not handling business AS much as us.

I would say do what you want, as a provider i never say not to go see another girl, not a good look, but if you do come back posting something, and its bad, well you know the rest


Id say you might want to google a few things and see what you find :)

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