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Ashley Madison?
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Has anyone here had experience with I used to think it was a dating site like but upon closer look it looks like a site for people to have affairs--like Is it really worth it or just hype?

They have been featured on many news broadcast. I have provided you with the links below. I'm not married, and I'm on that site just to get laid. There are a lot of desperate women out there that need this, and I am here to satisfy their fantasies. Now, the selections aren't really that great. Yes, the majority of the women are in their middle ages, some are not. Some are good looking, but, the majority of them are okay. My overall experience with this site, I would give it a 7/8. Most of these girls want me for emotional support, and I'm there to just get laid. Hey, you gotta give some to get some, but, it's free.

It works bro. You should try it out. They've been around now for sometime. Check out the news for yourself, and it's a video and manuscript news.

I tried this and a variety of other Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy sites a few months ago. It was a waste of time.

As a guy you pretty much have to post a picture and it will run you a few hundred to contact people, etc.   but there are a lot of married women on the site that. Want to have an affair.  And a lot just want to meet for sex.   Feel free to message me if you want more details but it does work!

And its another site for escorts haha i know some who advertise on there (as a regular jane) and after a few convo will hit you with a quote.

Those sites are loaded with fake pics all kinds of deception. On TER, if somebody is trying to take advantage, then reviews by legit handles will catch them. IMHO, if your looking for fast fun with no obligation then there is no better site then TER. If you don't have the coin for TER, then you might want to try, but you will work your ass off with tons of emails and phone calls before the girl will meet you in person.

It's fucking worthless and I tried for a few months. Way too much effort so I just hobby and the results are nearly foolproof if you do your research. AM is worthless as tits on a bull.

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