New York

"You deserve the best" on Eros-NY using stock photos
DearMsFantasy639 reads

... stock photos that appear on two websites in Moscow and one in London. Then again maybe she travels alot.

FakeExposer1119 reads

This person is stealing photos from a model agency in Romania.  The name of the model on the photos is Mihaela Ticuleanu, a famous model in Eastern Europe

Fraudulent Profile:

Pictures can be found here:

About Mihaela Ticuleanu:

FakeExposer378 reads

These girls all use the same photos under different names and different rates and agencies.  Is it all the same agency advertising the same girl under different rates or is it simply a case of fake photos?  I have exposed Premier Luxe and Fantasy allures here before so it wouldn’t surprise me if these photos were fake as well….  One is advertised at 700/hour and the other at 350/hour.  Same photos.

Fraudulent Profiles:  –> 700$/hour –> Renee –> Dionne –> rate? –>  350$/hour –> Daniella

Maybe she's afraid of being outed in five or ten years as a "working girl". Come on guys and girls we hide behind a veil..because american society has very little respect for us! We are just individuals who use our bodies to make Our parents would shun us,our siblings would avoid us and the local cops only care about us. When they may arrest a few just to get out of working in vice. By the way how's the Long Island Serial killing case coming along? That is what the media and the vice should focus on...

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