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visiting Ann Arbor/Dearborn June 3-8 Tantric Fusion. A new type of session.
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In the beginning, there was Nymphtalk. I am the naughty nymph that has broadcast tales of debaucherous adventures since 2008.
In 2009 I began my tantric practice, Satisfy the Crave- A tantric experience.

The two sites were at opposite ends of the pleasure spectrum, Nymphtalk brought all of my devilish fantasies to the table, while Satisfy the Crave was more refined, wholistic, a tantric ceremony.

In time I developed my own "tantric fusion" session which incorporates a journey through what fascinates you about Satisfy The Crave, and what excites you about Nymphtalk.

It is an all encompassing session, taking the best parts of both experiences and turning them into a long and sensual journey spanning the vast spectrum of variety that awaits only the most adventurous of lovers in the shadowed corners of the Erotic Universe.

Join me as we step outside the bounds of time, where a treasure trove of intimate delights awaits only the most adventurous of lovers.

If you love the physical rewards of Tantra but could do without the religion- if you crave the fantasies that you read about on Nymphtalk- if you want one provider, and one session that can leave you feeling freshly vacationed for days- then escape with me to a place filled with new sensations. Let yourself relax, unwind and be pampered through Tantric Meditation and bodywork while slowly simmering in your own raging juices, anticipating delving deep into your most selfish desires.

Your session begins neo-tantric, and it ends wherever your imagination may lead...

Google Kelly Michaels Nymphtalk for reviews and links.

They are two sites, that share two sides of my personality.

Fusion sessions explore them both. In one full circle.

Curious? Call me. Let's Nymphtalk about it.

Kelly Michaels

(937) 696-9674
(937) 69-NYMPH

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