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Atlanta is an active discussion board.  Many long term members willing to help you or call foul if you need redirection.

You can use the board to make you name known, especially if new or starting out.  There is an ad board for Atlanta, you can post one paid ad each week.  Use these to highlight specials, calendars, photos, etc.  Picture themes, each day allow you a bit of free advertising.  Put some thought into these, trust me we look and a great photo will get us to call. Last your comments and responses create an image and reputation.  Some would say any attention is good advertising, but think before you post.  Lastly, keep your profile current and learn how to link your ter profile to your handle.

The hobby can be intimidating at first.  Learn how to use your tools.  The ter search engine is good, try different variable beside name to find hits.  Area code, phone, no city, etc. to find a lady.  Troll thru daily ads, theme picture, and posted reviews.  Build up your referrals or buy a service like p411.   As you find reviewers you like and match your experiences to the write up, you will have better outcomes.  Use the back channel to learn more, but if you send pm's please identify the lady you are asking about.

In search of post to the board are a mixed bag.  Please try to learn things first.  Learn how to use tineye or other search tools.  If you are asking for referrals give us hints that you like.  Many guys and ladies will help if you are up front about needs/efforts.  Use the official newbie board, lots of great help there.

You do not need anyone's permission to post here, but others are free to react.  If you swing a bat, you better be able to take a hit in return.

Any other advice from the Atlanta members.

I think we were gonna learn manipulation techniques!
Lol lol lol

is something in the London tea that allows someone your age to knock out 10x times the number of providers over there than you do stateside in the same amount of time ?  If so please tell enlighten me so instead of being a listener all the time I would finally have something interesting input for all the Korean and Vietnam Veterans at my local VFW.    Thanks

Even more mysterious  6 of his reviews are toftt( not 1 time have I found him Toftt in states.Want to see something fishy... (750) 000-1001 check this number on ter lol.

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No, he's admitted he's not a lawyer already. But he did spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express! Ha.

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I will say I agree with alot of your takes on business, golf, etc.

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I am quite the pro when it comes to making funny. ha. See? ha.

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I will say I agree with alot of your takes on business, golf, etc.  

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