TS Dream
luvshungshemales 43 Reviews 7624 reads

Anyone know more about this provider?  The one review here almost sounds like it's bogus.  


LuvemHuge19350 reads

I can say it is NOT bogus. I am surprised nobody has commented on this provider. We are talking a real 11 in. , maybe slightly more. Can't imagine anyone else actually is this size.

iWantMyTgLove5757 reads

does your comment infer that you have seen her? if so, how about a review? i agree the single current review seems very bogus. over the top. a bit fantastical. would love to hear/know more...

LuvemHuge4804 reads

I did but don't want to post review. It is a true 11 ( would take 3hands). There is nobody else, from my research, who is actually like that except maybe this Topaz person in Jersey...

I can tell you guys one thing you can take it for its worth but the girl has the biggest cock i've seen yet! She's sweet...I've seen her 3 times and every time gets better!

mattnmiami2056 reads

I dont know about Dream, but I have had several fun times with TSTopaz in NJ and she is huge. She is same length as Dream but thicker. I took her entire cock in my ass and I could still feel it for a day or two afterwards, she is probably the best Ts Ive ever had the chance to be with, but I do want to try Dream sometime. Her cock looks yummy.

I'll tell you what. Based upon what I have heard, if I were in LA right now, I would be calling this girl ASAP. Sounds like one in a million and new enough not to have an attitude to go with it.

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