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:):) Let Me Seduce You! :):)
Sarah_Nicole See my TER Reviews 5915 reads

I dream of you often.  You knock on my door.  I invite you in and greet you with a warm hug and kisses, first pecks and then deep passionate kisses.  I look into your eyes and kiss you deeply while your eyes are adjusting to the dim candle light.

You see that I am wearing your favorite - a sexy little dress and high heals.  My smile and my eyes tell you just how happy I am to see you.

I unbutton your shirt and begin exploring your chest, playfully yet passionately licking, sucking, nibbling...  You stroke the silky fabric of my dress, feeling my curves as your hands move down my body to my thighs.  You slide your hands under my dress, gently lifting the dress over my head revealing sexy, lace bra and panties.

Your shirt falls to the floor and I begin unfastening your trousers.  I look into your eyes as I slowly stroke you through the fabric.  I can feel your manhood - you are becoming very aroused.  My heartbeat quickens.

We kiss our way to the bed,

I want you to look at me, kiss me, touch me!  I long for the moment when we are together, both of us passionately aroused, our bodies glistening with perspiration.  

Indulge me with your kisses.  Let me taste you.  I want to be so close to you that I can feel your heartbeat.  I want to smell your scent.  I want to feel your breath on my skin.  

I want to feel like I am a part of you - like we are truly connected.  Come to me.  Come with me...

Passionate Kisses,
Sarah Nicole

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