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Thanks, I'm just learning to navigate...then I worry about le so now I kinda think I want to stay a little private, especially after the bust in Columbus last week, through my ad people can send me messages to the email I set up & I get alot of really rude people & just craziness from ppl who can remain anonymous through their fake email, so I was hoping I could just learn some info. & maybe help others out with info. I really would love to find a more private site to speak openly on.

I was just trying to navigate around and see what I can learn. I honestly didn't think I would be working in this field for this long, where's my mr. right?, lol.... actually I thought it might be a little fun, but it seems the more I navigate around the sites, the quicker I want to get out of the business.
My idea of a good working day, put on something sexy (lacy, see thru, thigh highs, high heels) & spend it laying around feeling sexy ready for someone to walk in & make them feel sexy & alive & have a pleasurable time.
So where are those guys???????
You guys really make this all so very hard. Why do u guys always ask the questions to what is already stated in the ad, what do u look like? How much is the donation? what does your service offer? Really..... The abbreviations you use r still the same as saying the actual words so my answer is always....I give a non-theraputic massage....
One guy I finally got to give me an answer as to why he was asking what I looked like, his reply I just call the girls up to see if the information the same as in the ad. This answered my question of "would u like an appt?" no, he didn't want an appt. he just wanted to get me on the phone & keep talking asking me everythin that was in my ad, which I gave him all the information except the price I told him it's in the ad, "do u want an appt", no cuz he needs the price (refer to sentance above) so why waste my time & frustrate me so that the next person who does want an appt. gets to see me after, my impression of men has been brought down.
Guys I want to enjoy making you happy, not feel like...o let me get u outta here quick, so I can answer the phone & get frustrated again.
Sorry to sound bitchy, but I would like to have a good day, just because I'm getting something for my service doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy my time as well...am I wrong?

Nope, you're not wrong. Most of the guys on here don't like to be frustrated either.  An enjoyable session that leaves both parties satisfied is what we all want.

It might help to reply to you if you provided a link to your reviews and or an ad somewhere.

yes, where are you located.  Ad link?

Thanks, I'm just learning to navigate...then I worry about le so now I kinda think I want to stay a little private, especially after the bust in Columbus last week, through my ad people can send me messages to the email I set up & I get alot of really rude people & just craziness from ppl who can remain anonymous through their fake email, so I was hoping I could just learn some info. & maybe help others out with info. I really would love to find a more private site to speak openly on.

You covered a few topics in your post.

As for Mr. Right, I am not sure what you are looking for in a Mr. Right. Are you simply looking for a client, are you looking for a regular, or are you looking for a sugar daddy of some sort. Because you mentioned that you didn't think you would be working in this industry that long I am inclined to think the third suggestion. It is not impossible to find that in this hobby, I suppose you would have to be extremely attractive and extremely fun for that to materialize, at least for me to be willing to entertain that scenario. Many gents like variety and aren't looking for a commitment of any kind.

I have talked to many ladies and found out that they do indeed get alot of phone calls from guys who basically are just wasting time. You will just have to find a way to detect the time wasters from the legitamite hobbyists. If you have a advertised rate, then that should not be a topic ripe for a question. You will have to decide whether you will entertain the advances of guys who want to talk you down from that rate, not something I would do but many do try to haggle on the rate.If that is not something you wish to do, then you should state it in the ad and hang up on those who ignore that.

If you don't have reviews yet, then you must understand that there is no way for hobbyists to know if your pics are real or if you are going to provide what they are looking for. One of those things that you might have to deal with until you have reviews, then you can just refer them to your reviews if they haven't looked for them yet.

Don't think all calls are guys just wasting your time. From what I have read on other boards, from the comments of some lower class hobbyists, you will indeed hear from some that could be classified as scumbags, they will be cheap and disrespectful. But there are many others that are the opposite. Just like most other lines of work, you will encounter cool people and jerks. With experiance you will learn to make educated judgements, just like us gents on the other end, and you should have some prosperity.

I have no idea what you look like, as was mentioned it might be good to post a link to an ad/pictures.

I would private message you but since you dont have any reviews you probably wouldn't be able to read it.

Here's a few tips -

Any guy who is asking what you look like or wants you to send pics over the phone - ask him if he saw the pics in your ad.  If he says yes, ask him what were you wearing or something - tell him you have a couple ads out there and want to know which ones he saw before you send him any new ones.  If he doesnt know or cant describe the pic he saw - hang up.  he is just jerking you around or possibly LE.

If the guy does describe your pic, he did see it, if you have a pic that you haven't posted, send him that.  I dont do phone pics - if a guy wants a pic, he has to provide an email address.

Secondly - if the guy is asking a bunch of really personal questions (ie. are you shaved? do you like to have your kitty licked? etc) there is a very strong chance he is sitting there taking care of himself while you are talking to him.  Do not answer these questions, tell him he can either book a session or move along.  

Also if he keeps talking about the size of his member - (ie. can you handle 9 inches?  I got a load for you, etc) - he is wasting your time and playing with himself.

Hang up.

Rule of thumb is if the guy is decent he will be polite and respectful on the phone, he wont spend 10 minutes discussing body parts, asking really personal questions or whatever.  A decent guy knows your time is valuable as well as his, he will schedule and be done with it.

I cant PM you since you wouldn't be able to read it but if you PM me with an email address that I can contact you at, I will send you a couple of provider only links and some screening tips.

Be safe and be careful

btw - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is so dont fall for some guy you've never met offering to pay you hundreds or thousands over your regular rate.  those guys are game players and time wasters.

Thank you,
I get that 9inch call about once a month.
A guy got me on one story, he called I missed I called him back he told me he wud call me back, so he did he told me a story his wife did her fantasy over the weekend so he is alowed to do his fantasy so hes picking me, but he baited me into listening to what his wife did ( I was new) but the odd thing about it, he kept trying to pull this same story on me, he called a week later twice in one day trying to tell me the same story then even a month later the same & even though I kept hanging up on him would still call the next day tryin to tell me the same story, like he didn't realize it was me, his number is now blocked of course, he just was relentless on repeating this story.

Lately I haven't been getting any calls, so I've wanted to check out some of these sites as I've had many many threats from guys who haven't seen me that they would giv me a bad reputation on these sites, so I'm currently trying to find out but now I realize all these sites have the pm feature.
I get several emails & even texts from these guys who just play so many games. I don't like to do much talking on email & my email got hacked (I only use it for my ad so it has to be a hobbyist or le or... I don't know) so I've been immediately asking them to call if they want an appt. & I wont set up an appt through email unless I've talked to them via phone. But usually those who email/text I've found only about 1% actually show for an appt. the rest just want to gather information & waste my time & then they threaten when I refuse.
They all say they need to be discreet & I apolagize but it's scary for me to meet someone & not have a phone number for them, they don't care it's a safety issue & I do know some of these girls try calling them back & causing drama so its hard for them to trust I'm not like that. So then one dude after 3weeks of my refusing his requests to see him when he came to town, sends an email back saying something like, o too bad u didn't let me shower u with money & gifts when I was in town the other girl had a great time. I replied I'm sure he didn't pay anything more than wat was stated in her ad (he didn't offer me more for taking the risk) & he got mad....about once a week I get threaten by email/text...& it seems on all the holidays, xmas, thanksgiving....& some belong to member sites...I apologize I getta ramblin....

it won't let me pm u or send u a message unless I upgrade, I don't think I want to upgrade at this time...I'm going to try to look u up through your ad and see if I can send u an email that way.
I would appreciate any assistance. I have a provider who keeps messing up my business by starting rumors and stuff.... when u google me, somehow she fixed it so that her ad comes up under my phone number & she used to post some nasty stuff about me saying I was le, & for clients to be careful...People aren't smart enough to realize if u have to basically steal clients or bash other providers to get business, then your service probably isn't up to par, cuz regulars come back every week, like clockwork & when you've been in the business for over 10years like she has, wudn't she be booked?????

Man Naomi, where the hell were you at when I started...LOL

All great advice :)

Thank u for taking the time to read & respond.
Mr. Right- I kinda was referring to my personal life, a sugar daddy might b nice (but still kinda sounds like marriage; control, jealousy, lies, bs). I actually tried the sugar daddy site for a very short time, they all right off stated they would giv me a $1000.00 a mth, but they just wanted to chat on the site, none of them wanted to meet &  one who did giv out their number just chatted back & forth & something always came up when we wer suppose to meet (I got bored quick). I do have some reviews, I've had several regulars but everyone of them I've had to say good-bye to....due to drama on their part (one told his wife about me), they each would try to overstay their time (without extra tip), I guess them lieing & tryin to act like they care by prying into my personal business entitles them to extra time with me for free. It always ends with me getting shorted & giving more, while they go home to thier wives then get angry with me cuz I post an ad the next day...& their jealousy is rediculous, one guy tried to get another provider angry with me. I just like them to walk in, set their u know what down, have a good time & go. The conversation is nice, I would like if some were truly friends, I don't ask for anything extra, so it is frustrating when the calls come in for them to get a discount. I've told several I would trade services or giv a discount if they can think of something they could help me with, but it's amazing they seriously ask for like a $100 discount but just can't do anything in return. Truly amazing, they want me to feel sorry for them cuz their wife went shopping with their whole paycheck,lol. Like you said jerks in every business. And I really appreciated u mentioning lower class hobbyists I'm glad you as I man can see how we as providers feel. Actually it seems several of the hobbyists are the ones I don't get along with, whereas the guys who just come out to play a few times a year are the ones I have a great time with. They act as they appreciate my time, instead of how cheap can they get it. And the cheaper they are the more they exspect. thanks again for your time.

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