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Where is bareback mentioned?

Buckyfan920 reads

This sounds/looks TGTBT but comes from someone with several reviews.

and texted with her. I was trying to schedule an appt today but she seems to have fallen off the radar. She seemed very real, sweet and genuine on the phone. If I hear back I will post a review.


ps now who should I see today? LOL

I can't get her backpage ad to come up on the screen-anyone else with that issue?

and she did mention something about taking her ad down to correct it.
She also sent me a photo and she is gorgeous. Also seems really nice, down to earth and fun. We shall see.


I spoke with her also is she some kind of scam?  Working towards an appt tonight around 10.  Anyone else getting a run around from her today?  PM if you want.

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When I research a new lady, I like to see who's reviewing them and who they've seen...I think I'll pass.

just a personal preference

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no where in that review was a cover ever mentioned...

I guess all the stringent review rules we all had to abide by in the past are now all thrown out the window?

be safe!

Where is bareback mentioned?

What in the world are you trying to accomplish by making up such a fabrication.  Without explanation, this seems nothing more than a deliberate to stir up trouble where none exists.

Hey Guys!!

I can tell you all seem to think I'm bullshitting you or you think, wow, TGTBT! Yea, I know! Also, do I need to really include that I wore a condom here?! I think it's pretty obvious in this game what needs to be done and not done. If you all want to write, and then I strapped on the helmet or whatever the case, that's cool. I don't need to include all that. I kind of thought that was a given.

As for the person that said, considering my taste in women....I will check out your reviews some time and see who it is you're getting or not getting. Just b/c I FUCKED ONE OF THE HOTTEST MILFS in ATLANTA and YOU HAVE NOT at HER MANSION, doesn't mean you have to be a Hater....just saying! :)

People have written and asked me many questions and I've answered all of them! If there is anything else you'd like to ask, be my guest. I have over 20+ Solid reviews and counting!

So, NO APRIL FOOLS here! Anything else, just ask, thanks!


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Dude, just to let you know, according to Carry, you pretty much fucked up the incall situation with your incessant blathering about her house.  Grrrr....!  What a dope.....

Do you really think I care about that? According to what she has told some people, it's her parents house, IDK, I didn't see any sign of any parents living there when I was there.

She knew I was going to write a review about her, we talked about it before, during and afterwards. She even asked me questions about it too.

I've stated before, normally she NEVER does incall. I was her very first. Just b/c some people are idiots and ask her questions about her house, that's not my fault. I'm here to give an honest and fair review of the accounts of the situation. This way there won't be any surprises when you pull up to a gated mansion and wonder if you're at the right place or not.

well it appears that there were a couple of us all working on getting appointments from this young lady all with the same results. NCNS!

Best guess would be that she got a ton of calls when her review hit and she was trying to milk them all for what she could get. Can't blame her for that but a little repect by calling or texting to fill in those of us waitng would have been nice. I know she lost me as a perspective client.


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Like dogs. Pant pant pant. And nobody buried any bone. I love this site.

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