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which city?
DickyJones 1728 reads

You didn't list the city. Also, were they one of those operations that crossed state lines?

owner was busted by under cover worried should provider and hobbiest be about themselves being in the cross-hairs
any help/ insight you can provide would be appreciated.some people very nervious

carmen41111994 reads

Back in the 1990's when a famous Escort agency owner named "Bobby" was busted. She may have passed on by now I think because she would be in her 70's. She was set up by a favorite girl of her's who was a drug addict  and a mother of two. Bobby met her for lunch near a Disney hotel in Orlando,Florida to collect 2k in cash. It was a set-up by "Labelle Burnett" a snitch a rat... Apparently she owed bobby this money plus late fines or something. Bobby was an old school call girl from the 1970's who made fat money in her prime. She got into the Escort agency business during 1986 when they first went in the Yellow pages. To make a long story short Bobby served two years in state prison and the customer's were left alone. Bobby did jail time so no other girl,phone operator or driver would. She did have to pay fines and was audited by the IRS because she said she owned a Lingerie company,strip agency. Bobby I met her only once in 2007 and she said the cops (local) only wanted the owner's (her) for tax reasons. She always paid her taxes state and federal wise, though under dummy corporations. Girls change your number's and stay from agencies that get busted if you worked for them. If you show up you will go to jail...and that's no joke. Like for ex: If an agency owner,phone operator,driver or escort calls you avoid them! If you show up after there number is no longer in service or the doors are closed it's a "Plea deal" they made with the state attorney.

DickyJones1729 reads

You didn't list the city. Also, were they one of those operations that crossed state lines?

carmen41111087 reads

Sadly folks the Escort agencies from the highest heights of the 1980's,1990's and 2000's. Are sadly dying off due to the web and that is no joke. Why work for an agency when you can post an ad online. No schedule's,shifts,late fines,credit card slips and pay checks. Not to mention if a client do a "charge back" and the agency has to eat that money.  I worked for an agency once and I will never do that again. Yes the money is great especially when it's in Las Vegas or NYC. Five hundred dollars an hour and let's not forget those tips! The bad part is when a sting come's down the pike and you must go to that client. Many agency owner's were best run and operated in their hey-day when ladies owned them. Now many are being opened by men and they want to sample the ware's before you are put to work. No thanks...! RIP escort agencies and the Yellow pages..........$$$$$$ Those were the good ole days...Cheers...

DAVEPHX1240 reads

Depending on how extensive under cover operation was.

As we are painfully aware in Arizona when two or more are gathered its a criminal enterprise felony charge that can bring serious prison time not just a misdemeanor prostitution.

Just being listed with ad, website etc associated with agency will bring felony charges (150 known now in Phoenix).  99.9% of the risk is the gals, and of course owners, web guy, photographer, drivers.

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