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What if you got busted? Hobbies and provider?
luckydevil_mpls 2906 reads

I know state laws differ. In general, what are the consequences of being busted? For hobbies and providers?

But the most important thing you should remember is to choose to remain silent and that you would like to speak to your lawyer. Period. Maybe get a good lawyer on retainer just in case. They can arrest you for anything, but that doesn't mean any charges will stick. Read through this:

I just found this on the cityvibe site (a link on the left):

Maybe it would be of use?

busted is that it can ruin your reputation, career, and family.  Generally speaking, the consequences that will be imposed by the criminal justice system are minuscule compared to the collateral consequences.

The object is to be careful and NOT get busted.

Remember this high dollar hooker - she took the governor of a state down, and I don't think he was ever even charged with any crime....

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