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What do we do about a dangerous scammer?
Anneke See my TER Reviews 2697 reads

There is a powerful guy in DC who has been scamming mature providers for years. I have found ou  some telling info.

If this was just a once in a millenium thing I'd ignore him but he's done it to scores of girls,  with many aliases and in myriad ways, on here and who knows elsewhere.It's starting to look like every mature provider, in DC and those who travel to DC have run into him.

I honestly don't know how this guy gets any work done. This is seriously calculated and he's also shorted, ripped off and harassed several providers. I am NOT exaggerating. The more rocks we turn over the more we find him at the bottom of the problems.

Can we stop him?  Obviously he has big time connections and recourse. PM me with your suggestions.  

Many thanks!

the victems would have to confess to their profession, which of course is like painting a big bull's eye on your back with LE.

So, this is one case where the legal system is not worth the effort.

This means the black lists have to be the long arm of the escort's law here.  

Gals would do well to check these sites out when ever dealing with a potential client.

(still not a lawyer)

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