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That woudn't be my biggest concern
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My observations are that LE likes to be able to arrest multiple people in one operation.  What you have to consider is how comfortable you are with having the provider know where you live and possibly be observed coming and going by your neighbors.

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Maybe a silly question, but does LE do stings if it's outcall.  Would they actually bust me at my own home?

In theory there's no reason legally why they couldn't sting you at your own home.  Logistically, it might be risky for LE, since they don't control the premises and woudn't be able to protect the decoy as they would in a motel or other location that they control.

In practice, I just don't think it's done.  I haven't heard of a sting in someone's home.

A former person failed to screen properly , let him in, he went to the bathroom and came back out .
She described what she did unbuckling his belt , he said wait wait not so fast and a knock at
the door came next and her living room was full of undercover .

Same thing happened to another in a different part of town.  

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They have been using that tactic since the 1990's. You should know what they do in Las Vegas....Girl..Worthless scum bags!!

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Drug dealers,pimps,gang members,motor cycle gangs (Hells Angels,etc) careful who you befriend by the way. I bet right know there is a snitch among us! If your busted . Do you jail time. As long as you didn't commit homicide the police can chew till the cows come home. Stop snitching!!! The only good snitch is a Dead one!!

I have read they use motels or hotels with cooperation from mgmt, but are all these guys getting into trouble answering ads for a provider they don't know and have no reviews anywhere? There was a sting on MSNBC in Detroit but they were targeting underage girls and their pimps. This seems a world away from legit classy escorts but its all out there.

I suspect providers are much more concerned about their personal safety than LE if the outcall is to your home. Even if you're "known" to be OK via references, they still might have reservations.

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The police enjoying stinging at ladies homes. I will tell you why first once you invite a cop or a snitch in your home. After the arrest is made they can confiscate a ladies effects in her home. Lets not forget the dirt they will tell your neighbor's,landlord if he or she lives on the premises. That's why you must never volunteer were you ladies do your Incall..especially if the stranger is unknown to you over the phone. Police officer's should only do sweeps for I.D checks,illegal aliens and runaways being held against there will. I never do Incall at my home. Because I fear them coming in taking my bank records,credit card and investment info. Also taking my guns and ammo that are registered...they treat all provider's like we are child molester's or the lowest form. I was told by a lady that they begged her to turn snitch or they could suggest to the state attorney that her bank assests were ALL from Prostituition revenue..Careful ladies...

My observations are that LE likes to be able to arrest multiple people in one operation.  What you have to consider is how comfortable you are with having the provider know where you live and possibly be observed coming and going by your neighbors.

This always disturbs me when someone says these things. Many of us visit our gentlemen at their homes. The gentlemen have no reservations about our loyalty and discretion otherwise they would not be inviting us there. I dress appropriately at all times so there is never a chance anyone would have an inclination to a conclusion as to anything about me. There is always a story you can tell your neighbors to suffice their curiousity and more times than not they didn't even notice.

It is impractical for LE to arrest one person at a time so no outcalls are not usually anything to worry about.

I have never heard of an outcall sting at a private home, but I have heard o LE sending a decoy out to a clients hotel room.  
It could always be an option.  Local politics may dictate if it worth the cost and risk, for the arrest of misdemeanor offenders.

Or have alot of traffic, I imagine the LE will send someone out to "observe" the traffic flow.  and that could cause problems.

But if you are low key, selective about who you let in your home and respectful of your neighbors, you should be fine.

But, if you hobby frequently enough you could attract more attention from your neighbors than you really want.  Also, for safety sake, you may want to think twice about letting a total stranger who is involved in illegal activity to begin with into your home until you have seen her once or twice at a neutral location and know that she can be trusted.  This is, of course, less of a problem if you stick to well-reviewed providers.

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Thanks for the replies.  The reason I ask is a provider wanted all my info including my full name before she agreed.  I totally understand why she would, for her safely of course.  But with that said, I sure as heck am not comfortable giving out my full name and info via e-mail.....Like most of us, I have two kids and cannot risk embarrassing legal trouble.  I guess that's why I never see non-reviewed providers.  Just curious.


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First delete all of these post...they do read this website. Second they sting illegal liquor maker's in North Carolina,second they bust street gang members and drug dealer's in their personal homes. The only way there could be a set-up if your a wanted Felon known to frequent sex worker's. Finally the police may not send a female cop into your home. Why because you could have explosives,guns and booby traps. Look what happened in Georgia when the GBI went to evict a home owner. The proud guy blew-up his home,instead of facing eviction. I think he was a chicken farmer?..Some weeks ago...Be smart and savvy..

Making liquor is a federal offense. Drug dealing is a felony (also could be federal). Weapons and explosives are federal (likely also a felony in your state).  

Prostitution is a misdemeanor in most states, and the feds only get involved if it crosses state lines (Mann Act) or is connected to organized crime (RICO Act).

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