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Full Service in a Massage Parlor
BaalHammon 9315 reads

Is it unusual to have full service in a massage parlor?

The gals want to get a good feel from you before going that way.  

Of course, some places it's very common to go FS.  There's no way to tell until you try.

Just keep your Spidey senses sharp and don't go if you fear entrapment, etc.

It is MP by MP and generally location dependent.  If during the table shower there is lots of play that would be a good sign and of course when the provider whispers in your ear, "What do you want?" and you say "everything' you are home free.  Since you are not being specific about your location we can't give much more advice than this.


ATLDAWG6940 reads

Each time I have entered a massage parlor I am always asked if I have been there before and I always answer yes.  If they ask when was the last time I was there I normally will say a couple months ago was the last time (Unless I have been there before-then I use specifics)  If they ask you who you saw tell them-apolegetically that you can't remember her name (unless you do of course).  Many AMP's cycle the girl's every couple of weeks anyway, but in some cases it is the same nucleus of crew. I agree with the response to the question being "Everything".  That seems to work and let it go from there.  It is very important to act confidently and not let on that you are the least bit nervous-I like to make light and jovial conversation but don't get carried away!  Have the tip handy and know up front the amount of the "cover charge"-you can call ahead for that-and the tip is whatever you think it should be-I usually tip $100 to $150 depending on the girl, I will often tip before the shower in most cases and I have never had a bad experience using this formula.  My risk is that it will be a bad or no performance but if you think about it-the proprietor's who remain in the shadows want money-not hassles.  So "Act like you been there" and it seems to work out okay!

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