Newbie looking for opportunityteeth_smile
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I am a newbie and am looking for my first encounter tomorrow evening (7/27). Obviously I don't have any references yet, but am willing to go to certain extents to verify myself, or pay a bit extra for the companion's risk. I figured I might as well post this here and see if any ladies contact me. I am 100% real, non-LE, professional. I have plenty of cash and will be looking to meet someone around 10pm or so. Here goes nothing...

Orobably a dumb question  but it sounds like you are looking for a provider rather than being a provider. If you want someone to contact you it helps if you leave an email or phone number. If a person is not a vip member they can't read or write messages. Good luck. This is a terrific hobby

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I think you should take Beret's advice ;) ;)

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