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The Rump Poem

[For mature people only, over thirty]

The name of this poem I know is
A little round and plump rump
Men have this thing--
And we all know about it, an international past time,
Called 'ass watching.'
One could say, the eyes of men and
A woman's rump, are very good friends: yes indeed
...the way it works is something like this:
There isn't really anything the women have to
Do out of the ordinary, except,
Put it on display, and walk--;
She needn't even talk--;
Unless she wants (to)....
The eyes of the men will do all the work,
Perhaps you will even capture.
It is a fun sport, that young and old alike can do,
And if the woman doesn't like it,
Or wishes to avert such ugly attention,
She need only put back on the skirt.

Dedicated to all those ladies with curves out there!  Let’s see then ladies!

Wanna touch my tushy?!?


My time is cumming sexy;)  I'm excited!

irishdk4u1421 reads

I do admire that tush and that smile.

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