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Gates to National Security Team on Osama Raid: 'Shut the F--- Up'
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Do you know the difference between pre-raid and post-raid or AreUShitferbrains?

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Posted By: NeedleDick, the BugFucker
Stick this in their face.


But hey, who cares, you got your fucking health care....

Someone's lying.

It must be the SEALS. That a fucking bunch of liars they are, huh?


Your boyfriend does nothing but name-call in almost every post.

But that's "different", right?


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In fact, he slipped through his fingers at Tora Bora.

He also ignored U.S. intelligence memo that OBL
was determined to use planes as terrorist weapons weeks before 9/11.

& we Know how THAT turned out.

Guys, you can argue the shitty economy & "Obamacare," but this issue is a sure loser for you.

Bush's finger were never in Tora Bora. Just like ORambo was never in Pokiston.

But the doctor who lead us there is in jail for 30+ years thanks to OBlabberMouth.

And much of the intel the SEALS risked their lives to obtain went to shit because your boy had to beat his chest in front of a primetime audience. You guys have been beating your meat to that video ever since.

Enjoy your "win".

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to pay attention to an intelligence memo.

Live with that.

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fact is, 9/11 had more to do with the terrible state of the intel community than GWB not "leaping into some heretofore undescribed action".

heard of the Gorelick Wall?

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Aint gonna work.

Btw, how about your boy Mitt draft dodging during
Viet-nam becuase he was doing Mormon missionary work in France ?-------LOL !

It's cute........it really is............how you stomp your feet and DEMAND that people answer your threads/questions when you're a PUSSY ducking so many questions yourself.

Just yesterday, I busted you 3 different times after you claimed to have "never said something" or "Go look it up on Google."

Each time, I proved you were full of shit and you VANISHED.

You're nothing but a 5 year old coward who is also the biggest hypocritical racist dumbass on here.

when you grow some balls and actually admit you're wrong, THEN you can expect people to answer your questions.

Until then........eat shit.

Didn't give it a second thought even though every intelligence agency in the world was telling him a MAJOR attack was coming SOON involving planes.

Went and cleared brush for a month.

I know it's impossible to be honest with yourself, but do you really think you'd give Obama the free pass you're giving Bush?

You're a fucking liar if you say yes.  And you know it.

How many thousands of lives did that ruin?

Dead dads, moms, brothers, husbands.................??

And not a fucking word of outrage from you assholes EVER.

Why do I hate you Righties?

Because you NEVER got MAD at things like that but think Obama is SATAN for mostly BULLSHIT.

You have less credibility than Sandusky.

Rutabaga_Baggins263 reads

A tiny one in your case, but still.

I guess I'm flattered though that you would consider that I might have the power to issue an edict or something similar. Never crossed my mind.

When I please, and as often as I please and no attempted welsh, who has no honor, no integrity, no creditability, like you pripussy can or will make me stop posting. Despite your stupid meaningless veiled threats to ……take your advice -------otherwise-----and several others and your wishing me dead I’ll continue to post and bitch slap you and put you in your place.

You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

Still laughing at you

acutally I am more right brain and like to light some candles, have some wine,  and like to take off an article of clothing everytime I lose a game on xbox, but I watched the video becuase  I have the upmost respect for our miltary.  They are the most honorable, self-sacrificing people I will ever meet in this life.  They are amazing men and women.

I just wished Republicans and Democrats would/could take their parties back.  It seems they have been run by extremists.  Money wins.  I thought about going to Tampa next Thursday and protest at the Republican party about voter fraud.  But it would be more profitable for me to just go down as an escort..hmmm.  Now that is a thought.  Money wins, always.

Rutabaga_Baggins253 reads

You are the only other person responding here who has a clue as to what was the message of the film.

When Mitt is ripped, he'll start crying, "But, but, but...........what about OBAMA!!!!!???"

PROMISING he'd get him no matter WHAT.

If Bush had killed him, Righties would be demanding he be put on Mt Rushmore.

Since the black guy did it, we hear "So what?  He sat in a bunker and did nothing.  Anyone could do that."


RUSchittingMe220 reads

try telling to this guy.  But I doubt any of you have the ballz.

RUSchittingMe296 reads

Ignore the facts, demand a literal reply and insist any reply you don't like has no relevance.  Next, try stamping your feet, putting your hands over your ears and yelling "La, La, La," very, very loudly.  Gawd, what a dipshit you are.  Oh, and be sure to say this to the Admiral the next time you see him.  You will find out what it feels like to have the fist of a Navy SEAL for a supository.

one of those employees his boss was telling to STFU.

But hey, obama's gonna pay for your gynocological exams from now on. What's there not to like?

RUSchittingMe250 reads

An I'd say anywun who admits to bein a needledick prolly shouldn't be questioning anybuddys masculinity.  The Admiral sez UR to immediately go back to your duties, cleaning the glory hole with yore tung.

RUSchittingMe234 reads

Secure? Thanks for having to tell us that! LMAO! You'd never know it from your posts, which reveal U 2 B an angry, mindless, right-wing, limp, needle-dicked weasel.  Oh, and the alias response?  Like U it's old and weak.  UR so bad at cumbacks it's like fighting someone who's got one hand tied behind his back . Maybe both.  Yes, you have proven yourself adept at pummeling my fist with your chin! UR no fun at all.  *snore*  I'm outta here.

that ORambo compromised national security and WASTED valuable inteeligence just so he could beat his chest, which makes you compelled to suck his dick.

And the best you can do is make jokes about my name.


Now you can go, now that I've shoved a big glass of STFU down your throat.

Drink up RUadicksuckApologist? Yup, looks that way.

RUSchittingMe229 reads

Could your comebacks be any weaker and lamer?  Please stop before you harm yourself further.  Oh, and ...

making fun of the fact we didn't find WMD while our soldiers were dying and the fat cats LAUGHED their ASSES off......or did you join them laughing?

It's the most disgusting thing I've seen my life and I haven't met a SINGLE "conservative" who is PISSED over that.

Yet, you find something almost EVERY day to be PISSED at Obama for.

You guys never once.........and I mean ONCE......got PISSED at Bush for ANYTHING.

That's why you're frauds.

Selective outrage.

Then you project it onto others.

And before you cry, "You defend Obama no matter what", you can take your lie and shove it up your ass.  I gave a list of things I've ripped him for and said repeatedly I'm not voting for him.

If you aren't MAD at Georgie LAUGHING at not finding WMD, while those billionaires laughed their asses off over it, then I really don;t give a shit about your fake outrage over anything else.  It just proves the situation isn't what pisses you off..........which is what you're claiming.........you just hate the person you're whining about and will BLAST him no matter WHAT he does.

Then turn around and make excuses galore if your side does the SAME thing.

Or hide like pussies.........

When you're dealing with lefties, it does'nt take long for you nation's warriors to go from hero to heel. And the leader of the pack is Barack Hussein Obama.

It is beyond refute that this administration has jeapordized our nation's security for political power, votes. It is so far beyond refute that his apologist seen her did'nt even try. Instead they drag out the Bush card. Note to Obamabots, BUSH AINT RUNNING this year.

How hypocritical is it when you whine about illegals not being able to negate legal voters vote when you cant even stand up for the guys who put their lives on the line to ensure that right?

And the biggest loudmouth here, Laffy The Duck does the very thing he whines so feverishly in every sanctamoniuos screed he dumps here. This is TEXTBOOK hypocracy.

Daffy and Pri shit their pants over Romney not releasing tax returns....lemme say that again, not releasing tax returns, yet don't have the balls to condemn Obama for compromisng mission security so he can score political points.

This thread is a monument to daffy's hypocracy.

Rutabaga_Baggins264 reads

for WHO I am?

Are we going to rehash this old "your alias is more anonymous than my alias" crying game some more?

Publish your legal name and we can have a real conversation.

Priapus53267 reads

Which partially accounts for the the nonsensical contents of your posts of late. You were on firmer ground before adopting the chickenshit alias.


Rutabaga_Baggins280 reads

Nonsensical? LOL

I'm not the one that just spent time trashing a 22 minute film because I THOUGHT I knew what was in it, only to be COMPLETELY WRONG.

Let me get this straight:

You cry enough tears to fill every ocean in the world you "hate partisan hacks."

I then put up 50 examples of Mitt being a complete fraud and you duck ALL of them....when if Obama had done ANY of them, you'd be SPITTING BULLETS with OUTRAGE.

You then put up a thread DEMANDING I get mad on an issue and then SHIT YOURSELF when I don't jump in with you CRYING that "I'm" a hypocrite?


Too funny for words.

Start ripping Mitt for what you'd CRUCIFY Obama over and I'll take you seriously.

Until then, go back to wearing your white hood and calling all black people stupid.

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